Amella Venkalie

Fearless and Indomitable Sea Captain


“Back to work, curs! You sorry lot are as likely to get as killed as get us docked!”

Description: Amella is a dashing but harsh woman of about thirty. Years of living at sea have made their mark on the woman, who appears slightly older than her actual age, and her activities during those years at sea have likewise left the mark on her in the form of scars, some small and some large, running across her flesh. She typically dresses neatly, befitting her position of authority, and keeps her blond hair tied back and stuffed under her tricorne hat.

Amella is gruff and given to swearing, and runs a ship with the bearing, poise, and discipline of an educated soldier. Supremely confident in her abilities, Amella takes her responsibilities as captain very seriously, and likes to be sure that everyone under her command does so, as well.

During the Battle For Farshore, Amella tragically lost her left arm to a yuan-ti who participated in the sack of the island. While it has changed her appearance, it has done little to change her attitude, and in fact, she may be more determined and stalwart than ever she was. Looking every bit as fierce a captain as an individual can, she now wears custom-tailored captain’s dress supplied to her by her lover, Traxen, who spent lavishly to supply his girlfriend with a new wardrobe that was tailored to her unfortunate condition and no less intimidating for it.

However, after Demogorgon’s defeat at the hands of the Gang of Five, Traxen and company returned as men and women powerful enough to heal Amella’s disfigurement. After asking Amella if she would be receptive to her limb being restored (a question that was met with an emphatic affirmation), Traxen asked Lirith to restore Amella’s arm. Whole again, Amella emerges a more confident and self-assured woman, having emerged from the crucible of her losses and torments a stronger, sterner, and smarter person than before.


Biography: Amella was hired on as the Captain of the Sea Wyvern during its trip to the colony of Farshore. While the Gang of Five properly owns the vessel, Amella’s presence on board allowed them to leave the vessel for personal reasons and have the ship still crewed by a competent sailor.

She developed a fast friendship with the other experienced seaman in the group, Traxen, whom she claimed – in private – bears a passing resemblance to her late husband, a man named Heldram Flashwell. Together, she and Heldram had captained a successful operation smuggling running Crimson Fleet blockades for several years until her husband was unexpectedly murdered. While she has never elaborated on this point any further, Traxen’s continued interest in her has paid off in the form of a romantic relationship that began while they were still stationed together on the ship.

After the tragic wreck of the Sea Wyvern which claimed upwards of thirty lives, however, Amella’s state of mind began to degenerate rapidly. Blaming herself for the wreck, she began to feel the weight of the dead constantly on her shoulders, gradually becoming sullen and inconsolable about the matter in spite of several attempts by Traxen and others to persuade her that she wasn’t at fault. The events that transpired later, in the Fogmire, as they traveled by foot across the Isle, only seem to have aggravated this condition, as the psychological torture and (alluded to) physical and sexual abuse by the demon Olangru made her misery deeper and much, much darker.

Once she and the party arrived at Farshore, Amella offered succor to the victims of the initial Crimson Fleet attack and defended those who sought shelter. Afterwards, she adopted a position of authority and protection over several people in Farshore and spearheaded several restorative efforts throughout the colony. Her road to recovery began rockily and treacherously, but it appeared that in caring for and managing others, and in having a project at which she could do some good, she began to regain a portion of her lost self. Although the battle itself that followed ultimately and unfortunately cost her her left arm, Amella came through clean on the other side, having fought her demons and won.

During Traxen’s travels between Farshore and Sasserine, he acquired for her a sumptuous wardrobe of new clothing tailored to her unfortunate mutilation. Shortly after the victory at Farshore was complete, Lavinia requested of Amella that she return to Sasserine captaining the _ Blue Nixie_ to return goods and emigrants from Farshore to Sasserine, and, with the recent security of Farshore’s borders, to bring more immigrants and goods back.

It was narrowly thanks to a good tailwind that Amella’s ship arrived in Sasserine harbor three weeks in advance while some of the Gang of Five was shopping for supplies and pondering ship improvements, and when they spotted the familiar sails of the Nixie at port, they ran to Amella, updating her on the events that had transpired since she’d left. A changed woman, the weeks at sea only further galvanized Amella’s confidence and sense of self, and it seemed as though the Amella they were seeing now was only an improvement over the Amella who had captained the Sea Wyvern. Even as she barked orders at her crew, she asked Othar and Dorian to bring Traxen to him.

After spending an afternoon with each other, an afternoon that for all either of them knew at the time could be their last together, Amella thanked Traxen for his kindness and support, and told him that should he return from the Abyss, she’d like to make a real go at being together, whether on the open seas or on land. Wishing him luck, she gave him her husband’s hat, a tricorn captain’s hat that she believed would return him to her safely.

With the Blue Nixie landing in port at Farshore only days after Traxen and the rest of the Gang of Five returned victorious from the Abyss, Amella and Traxen embraced each other and decided to continue their life together. Lavinia, recently returned from the Abyss and her own ordeals, made a gift of the vessel to Amella, partially for her service and partially because Lavinia wished to divest herself of the vessel.

With two seaworthy vessels – the Blue Nixie and the Sea Wyvern – between them, Traxen and Amella entertain the prospect of starting a fleet. Her arm returned to her by Lirith’s magic and her strength reclaimed by the force of her indomitable will, Amella sails into the sunset as confident and as strong as ever, with good friends and a love as vast and as deep as the oceans.

Amella Venkalie

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