Avner Meravanchi

Scion of the Meravanchi Noble Family, Mayor of Farshore


“I am the man with no name. Avner Meravanchi, at your service.”

Description: Avner is a well-groomed human in his mid-twenties with a robust moustache and well-coiffed hair, befitting a man of his noble heritage and upbringing. While formerly a cad, deflowerer of maidens, and entitled ass, Avner’s time with the party and living in Farshore has changed him for the better. Some measure of his arrogance, selfishness, and cowardice remains, but Avner is largely a force for good, a man who has earned his portion of humility and honor the hard way. Even now, Avner’s preferred manner of dress and style is luxurious, expensive, and a little ostentatious, but this, too, has been tempered with practicality in the several months since leaving his pampered upbringing, and as he now assumes responsibilities in Farshore, it’s just possible that he’s even learned a mote of true class.


Biography: Avner is the youngest son of the Meravanchi noble house. His father, Zebula Meravanchi, is known throughout Sasserine for throwing wild and raucous parties that frequently feed the rumor mill about town. Prior to coming along on the trip to Farshore, Avner had been away at school for most of his life, but in the short time since his return to Sasserine a few months prior, he’d made a reputation for himself in the city for being a heartless deflowerer of maidens, a cheat at cards, and an insufferable, pompous ass. His presence on the vessel was barely tolerated thanks to his father’s sizable contribution to the expedition, something he seems blissfully unaware of or at least unconcerned with. There has been much speculation since on the thought that his father may have sent Avner along less to look after his investment and more to get his son out of the city, effectively cutting him out of the family operations by shuffling him around and ensuring he never spends too much time at home.

Prior to departure, Avner demanded that ten tons of space be made on the vessel so that he could bring his prized horse, Thunderstrike, and board his two manservants, Banaby Chisk and Kif Kroeker. This was the first of several curious and impetuous demands made by Avner in his spoiled insistence that the rest of the ship accommodate to his liking, and with the exception of a few passenger women taken in by his charms, he quickly developed a reputation on board the boat as being altogether useless and unworthy of regard.

One of a handful of survivors from the wreck of the Sea Wyvern on the Isle of Dread, Avner initially blamed the party and Amella for the wreck, but the events that transpired on the Isle of Dread visibly changed the man as they unfolded. Avner’s time as a spectator to the terrible events on the island and the death of Tobin, the only member of either ship who spoke to him kindly even once have imparted upon him an appreciation and understanding of others, instilled in Avner the seeds of maturity and respect. He is not (and will likely never be) a bottomless font of empathy, but he will forever be changed for the better for what he has experienced.

After his arrival in Farshore, Avner took a submissive role to his uncle, Manthalay Meravanchi, who seemed to almost resent Avner’s presence. This didn’t stop Manthalay, his uncle, from putting Avner to work in his bid for the mayorship of the Farshore colony, however, and it was during this time that he saw the men who had ensured his safe passage to Farshore doing everything within their power to shepherd the colony through the siege while his own blood and the man supposedly responsible for the protection of his citizens schemed and politicked and…lost. In the weeks that followed the Battle For Farshore, Avner came to see himself more and more as the willing inheritor to his uncle’s mantle as advocate and protector of the people of Farshore, a transition that was eventually completed when Manthalay, in disgust and frustration, returned to Sasserine, washing his hands of the colony that he lost.

With Lavinia’s abduction by her brother, Avner held the position of Steward of Farshore, performing the duties of Lavinia in her absence and working with the local militia and the luminaries of the city to ensure Farshore’s continued safety and prosperity. His last meeting with the members of the Gang of Five revealed a man truly changed: now involved in a stable and serious relationship with Ruby the Weaver and humbled by his responsibilities, he was working closely with the other members of the Vanderboren Council: Ulvar, Telda, Vesserin, and Hevrik, to keep the colony safe and ensure its prosperity until Lavinia can return.

In spite of how his life first intersected that of the Gang of Five and Lavinia, Avner, first among his family, seems to have unearthed a long-hidden vein of goodness inside himself, and truly appears to be a man changed for the better.

With Lavinia having returned from her trials in the Abyss with the Gang of Five, Avner sought to honorably relinquish his claim to the mayorship of the colony to its rightful holder. But to Avner’s surprise, Lavinia declared, instead, that she needed time to adjust to life after her adventures, and offered to Avner the opportunity to permanently occupy the station that, to her eye, he had been serving remarkably well in the months since her kidnapping.

Avner, eager still to do right by the people of Farshore and excited at the prospect of forging his own destiny in a new land, jumped at the opportunity. As the months crawl on past those tumultuous times, Avner leads the people of Farshore with humility, wisdom, honor, and most encouraging of all, a healthy understanding of his limitations and the fact that he has much to learn from the world around him and the people in it.

Avner Meravanchi

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