Churtle, the Kobold

Cook, Alchemist, and Innkeeper of Farshore


“Thank you for the beautiful things! Churtle loves them!”

Description: Churtle is a small, female kobold with a meek but sunny demeanor. Another kobold, sentient reptilian, or someone attracted to them would classify Churtle as a fairly attractive (“cute”) member of her species and would identify her as being the equivalent of a thirteen or fourteen year-old human. Only having recently reached maturity, Churtle has begun to fill out some, growing as much as a foot in the last year. Living in Farshore now on a permanent basis, she favors sunny, light fabrics that are bright and cheery, like she is. Churtle frequently paints her face and uses makeup in a way that looks stylized and unique without seeming childish.

Churtle collects sea shells and is quite proud of her collection, and is an accomplished cook and brewer of poisons from her time as a servant of the Lotus Dragons. Emotionally fragile when first encountered, it seems that Churtle’s frailty may have been more a result of her age and her history of abuse than anything, and as she grows up and her emotional scars begin to heal, Churtle is, remarkably, developing into a bright, positive, sharp, young lady.


Biography: Nobody is certain where Churtle came from or how she first encountered Rowyn Kellani, Mistress of the Lotus Dragon gang. What is known is that Rowyn spared Churtle’s life in a moment of arrogant dominance a few years prior, causing Churtle to dedicate her life to Rowyn as payment. When the party encountered Churtle while raiding the Lotus Dragon Guildhall, the alarm had not yet been raised, and they found Churtle asleep, and initially she was left alone. After the entire den was cleared out, Dorian returned to Churtle and found her hiding under a heap of blankets in her small quarters. Upon hearing that the Lotus Dragons had been wiped out, she became hopeless and distraught, but some gentle talk from Dorian persuaded her that she could find life anew somewhere else. Desperate for someone to anchor herself to, she offered to follow Dorian wherever he went and be his cook. Not willing to break the kobold’s heart, he provisionally agreed.

Churtle’s acclimation to Sasserine society proved difficult at first. While Dorian took pains to ease the transition and keep Churtle disguised while in public to reduce potential incidences, Churtle’s interpretation of what is proper behavior was severely warped by her time as a servant and “comfort kobold” to some of the less scrupulous members of the Lotus Dragons. When Dorian and Othar purchased her gifts of new clothing and an elaborate conch shell, Churtle rather plainly expected that she now owed them both sexual favors. Othar, who spoke Churtle’s native language of draconic, cautiously attempted to explain her error, but wasn’t above using his exclusive understanding of the language to cause trouble for Dorian by implying that he’d take her up on her offer when they were alone, which caused her to attempt to initiate with Dorian that evening. Dorian was chivalrous about the matter, and while Churtle’s understanding of relationships still wanted for much, things reached a temporary detente between not crushing Churtle’s feelings and not taking advantage of her.

Churtle remained an accomplished cook, and in spite of herself, Kora Whistlegap, Lavinia’s valet, had formed a tenuous bond with the kobold prior to her death, as Churtle had been forced for a brief period to remain in the Vanderboren Manor as much as possible. Once the whole of the group and Lavinia set sail for Farshore, Churtle took on a new role, serving as the cabin girl and assistant to the cook on board the Blue Nixie, Lavinia’s ship. During the bouts of mysterious sabotage on the Sea Wyvern, she was called over to investigate a series of poisonings happening on board, and after careful study determined that the poison victims were suffering from wormwood poisoning, information that was vital in keeping the crew alive and healthy.

With the party having finally in Farshore after their vessels became separated at Journey’s End, Churtle was found to be safe and sound. Picking up a smattering of common, it was learned that she had begun working at ‘The Last Coconut’, the alehouse and tavern established in the colony. Having been adopted by Malfus Firewind and his wife, Bonne, Churtle seemed to have found a niche for herself in the new colony, and it was decided upon by all that it would no longer do to bring Churtle along on their dangerous missions. Churtle deserved a chance at a normal life, and it was in Farshore that she had the best chance of that.

As sunny and bright as ever, Churtle clearly suffered from some worry over what continues to happen to her friends and saviors, but as she showed signs of not just understanding the Common tongue and humanoid culture but of simply growing up, her relationship to the men who pulled her out of that pit gradually drifted from that of dependent to affectionate niece.

Prior to their travel to the Abyss, Dorian and Othar noticed that Churtle had indeed been growing up, for the first time it dawned on them, after all this time, what Churtle’s great and obvious secret was: that she had been, until that time, a child. Seeing her gain some height and mass and finding her brain and education now capable of rendering eloquent speech, she tearfully thanked them for saving her and for giving her a chance at a real life, something that Malfus, who proudly considered himself Churtle’s adopted father, echoed in private, when he, too, thanked the group for rescuing and caring for Churtle when it would have been so much easier to simply kill her. Just before their final departure to the Abyss, Churtle visited Dorian and gave him a belt buckle made from cold iron that she had fashioned herself, and told him to bring himself and all their friends home safely.

More than anyone, it was the unfalteringly cheerful and loving Churtle who was happy to see her friends again when the sails of the Sea Wyvern breached the horizon after months spent in the Abyss. With tears of joy in her eyes, she welcomed her friends home and introduced them, to their surprise, to her boyfriend, a lizardfolk from the mainland, something that, she remarked, would have been an impossibility before they broke up the cargo cult of Noltus Innersol and made peaceful inroads with the Olman and lizardfolk of the Isle.

In the decades that followed, Churtle and her lover were wed, and as Malfus and Bonne Firewind grew older still and eventually moved on to their well-earned final reward, Churtle, the child they never had, became the inheritor of their legacy, and under the cheerful and kind leadership of both she and her husband, ‘The Last Coconut’ grew with the colony, and became famous among the seas as the most hospitable place to rest one’s hat in the whole of the Vohoun Ocean.

Churtle, the Kobold

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