Dorian Ridgetide

Confidence Artist. Fencer. A legend in his own mind


Dorian is not particularly tall or powerfully built. However he is lithe and agile and has a quick wit. He is an attractive lad in his late teens and is good natured and personable which helps him gain the confidence of others. He usually wears black leather armor and always carries a blade of some sort.

Permanent affiliation to the Gang of Five: Effectively as good as the Spire of Sasserine (+5 bonus to Diplomacy checks with anyone favorable to Sasserine)
Hero of Farshore: As above, except as relates to Farshore rather than Sasserine.
Hero of the Olman: Dorian just keeps making friends.


Dorian Ridgetide was an orphan and a moderately skilled pickpocket and confidence artist who grew up on the streets of Cudgel District. His father had been a sailor who worked for the Sea Princes and one day, never came home. At least that’s what his mother had told him. Being that she had been a drug addict and a “hostess” at The Siren Song, one of the many brothels in Sasserine, at the time of his conception made anything she told him about his parentage dubious at best. Dorian grew to the age of eleven in the same brothel where he was born.

Though his mother died of plague when he was six, he was raised by the sort of motley collection of brawlers, sailors, thieves, and prostitutes one might expect to find at a brothel. Some were more transient in nature. Delivering a strange bit of wisdom Dorian didn’t even understand at the time, but that now seemed like words to live by. Others were more constant, career prostitutes and regulars at the Song who were like the kind of bizarre aunts and uncles a child who grew up in a brothel might have. The roles that might traditionally, for a typical child, be occupied by people called mother and father were filled by Candace “Candy” Kane and Simmund. Candy, who worked as the greeter and managed the girls, taught Dorian how to manage money and smooth talk the rubes. Simmund was a massive Half-Orc who made sure none of the customers got too rough with the girls and tossed out the ones who did. He taught Dorian how to read people’s mannerisms to discern who was going to be trouble, and how to deal with them if they were.

In the summer of Dorian’s eleventh year the reforms that began years earlier when the Sea Princes were replaced by some sort of council or other finally closed the Siren Song for good. Though several members of his surrogate family offered to take him in, Dorian saw the closing of the only home he’d ever known as a sign it was time to strike out on his own. He watched as Cudgel District transformed into the mostly residential area it is today. Either because of the legacy of the Sea Princes or the inherent danger in life at sea there is a considerable population of orphans in Sasserine, so Dorian didn’t stand out. He traveled from church to mission, learning what each of the different gods had to offer him, and taking advantage of the charity of others. He waited for the right opportunity to seize whatever destiny the fates had in store for him. He would have to wait years for it to come, but he spent the intervening time perfecting his skills. And shagging. He liked shagging.

Dorian Ridgetide

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