Kaskus Kiel

Former Jade Raven, Druid of Farshore


“Calm down, now, lad. No one has tae get hurt, aye?”

Description: Kaskus is a stoic and dutiful man, the quintessential dwarf, a man with a full head of hair and full beard with a consistency more like lamb’s wool than hair. The oldest of the Jade Ravens nearly twice over, Kaskus has the solemn bearing of a man of his advanced age, coupled with a supremely even temperament and a naturally soft-spoken nature. So cool-headed and stonelike is he, in fact, that casual observers frequently forget he’s in the room and are never sure whether he’s even awake. In his adventuring days, Kaskus wore a form of advanced rhinoceros hide armor that had been dyed a lustrous green and fought with a spear and shield, though he has since given up adventuring life, and is most often now seen whittling toys for the children of Farshore or smoking from his carved pipe.

Kaskus’ original animal companion, a massive badger named ‘Petunia’, was killed during the raid on Vanderboren Manor. Petunia was succeeded by ‘Babu’, an ocelot.


Biography: From Kaskus’ own mouth, he was a scoundrel in his youth, a layabout and brigand who always looked for the easiest way through anything. Over the years, he gained maturity and temperance, but it was a near death (or at least, permanent enslavement) at the hands of a group of slavers who shanghaied him from his home in the dwarven kingdom of Untermountain that really turned him around. The slave ship was intercepted by a pair of adventurers, Verik and Larissa Vanderboren, who slew the slavers and freed their quarry. Grateful for his freedom and at last resolved to do something more meaningful with his life, he vowed his life and service to Verik and Larissa, who gave him a referral to the Jade Ravens, the current members of which trained him up as an adventurer.

Kaskus is the senior-most member of the current (and apparently, final) roster of Ravens, though his soft-spoken nature makes him ill-suited for leadership. He deferred to Tolin’s judgment in most matters, and while he would have been hesitant to call the other Ravens “friends”, he would not have been reticent in the least to call them family.

With the rest of the Ravens, Kaskus was part of the ship’s guard for the Blue Nixie during the trip to Farshore, but unlike the rest of the Ravens, Kaskus seemed to get along well with the Gang of Five, even making friends with them. Unlike Tolin and Zan, who saw them as competition, and Liamae, who saw them as annoyances, Kaskus befriended the group while holding tight to his allegiance to the Ravens. When the battle versus the Crimson Fleet came at last, it was Kaskus who enabled the Gang of Five to rally the Ravens to victory over the fleet, and in this battle, Kaskus and his team were responsible for scuttling several fleet vessels. It seemed that Kaskus and the rest of the Ravens had turned a corner: Kaskus competed for and won the hand of Farshore’s beautiful doctor, Telda Syren, and though it seemed the Ravens as a group were over, life seemed good at last, and he still regarded his former teammates with feelings of warmth and love.

Unfortunately, it was this feeling of fidelity that eventually lead him to follow Tolin on his quest to retrieve Lavinia from her brother’s custody in Scuttlecove, and it was here, after rousing the suspicion of the Seventh Coil, that he met his death on the Hooks. His body was recovered by the party and Kaskus was resurrected in short order, but he remained traumatized by the ordeal: haunted, downcast, and grim, Kaskus’ return home to his newlywed wife should have been cause for celebration: instead, he came home a husk. Telda believed that with time and patience he will recover, but when the Gang of Five left for the Abyss, the Ravens as an entity were over, and perhaps, for the sake of Kaskus’ recovery, that was for the best.

When the Sea Wyvern did at last return to Farshore after months in the Abyss and the eventual defeat of Demogorgon, Kaskus and his wife were among the first to welcome their friends back. Thanks to the ministrations of his loving and supportive wife, Kaskus has made some strides towards recovery, though he still winces and grows uncomfortable around hooks.

No great destiny awaits Kaskus Kiel, and for him, he would never want for anything else. His adventuring days are behind him, and as the months turn into years, Kaskus will recover and heal his will, be a good husband to his wife, and become one of the pillars of the Farshore colony, eventually taking up a role of leadership on the Vanderboren Council, and in time, serving Avner as the colony’s Lieutenant Governor, where he counsels the younger Governor in the ways of patience, reason, selflessness, and understanding.

It is a good, honest, humble life, befitting a good, honest, humble man.

Kaskus Kiel

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