Lavinia Vanderboren

Patron of the Gang of Five, Demon-Errant Philanthropist of Sasserine


“You guys ready for another adventure?”

Description: Lavinia is an attractive, young, human woman in her early twenties. Graceful, well-mannered, and highly confident in her abilities, she dresses in elaborate, expensive, but practical clothing whether attending court or ready for action, and seems to favor the color blue. Her long, strawberry blond hair is immaculately well-kept and often worn pulled back. While at one time she favored garish and expensive jewelry, since taking up the adventuring life she has opted to eschew any baubles unless attending court. She carries a beautiful, masterwork, swept-hilt rapier that bears her family seal into combat, and perhaps due to the example set by her adventuring team finally began to learn to use it properly.

After traveling to Farshore and leaving her home of Sasserine, Lavinia adopted a more functional, practical look that included blue-enameled leather armor and pants. This look lasted through her abduction by her brother and subsequent imprisonment in Divided’s Ire, until the time of her death by Demogorgon’s agent, S’Sharra.

Having been resurrected and transformed into one of the Radiant Sisters by Malcanthet, Lavinia came to look very close to her predecessor, Crimson. Pale, with her head shaved, Lavinia has two goat-like hooves where her feet were, and four ropy, black tails tipped in venomous stingers. Stumps that bleed perpetually adorn her shoulder blades. In her role as Radiant Sister, Lavinia wears no clothing, but outside of Miomanta she prefers long, form-fitting dresses that hide her feet and shoulders but express the elegance and style she showed in her mortal life.

Now that she is free of Malcanthet’s control (or at least, allowed to think she is), Lavinia generally keeps a perpetual glamour on herself that hides her demonic nature. Appearing as she did in life, the only real change is that she is more confident in her bearing, and somewhat more flirtatious and provocative in her expressions. Only powerful magics can see through this disguise to the demon underneath, but Othar ensures her safety and continued illusion with magics of his own.


Biography: Lavina is the only daughter and oldest child of the minor noble family Vanderboren. Her parents, Verik and Larissa Vanderboren, died just over a month before the she first contacted the men who would become the Gang of Five, when their vessel caught fire at sea, leaving no survivors. This untimely incident left Lavinia emotionally devastated and the inheritor of a mountain of debt owed by her parents. She enlisted the party with a portion of what little remained of her parents’ riches that she had access to in order to reclaim her family’s other vessel, the Blue Nixie, and help her recover the money in her family’s vault under Castle Taraknian.

After acquiring a portion of her family’s wealth, she charged the party with finding and recovering her estranged brother, Vanthus. After hearing a report from the party that their first meeting with Vanthus had him attempting to kill them, she steeled herself and asked the party to bring him back alive if possible, but to do justice as needed.

Lavinia received a financial windfall from the party after their raid on the Lotus Dragon guildhall, when the party discovered several thousand gold worth of valuables stolen from the Vanderboren family vault by her brother. A stack of letters between Vanthus and Rowyn, the Lotus Dragon guild mistress, recovered by the party implicated Vanthus in the murder of their parents, casting grim news for Lavinia. In response, Lavinia dispatched the party to Kraken’s Cove, where the letters lead her to believe Vanthus would strike next. While the party didn’t find Vanthus there, they did meet a Crimson Fleet corsair who had marked Lavinia for death for her brother’s offenses against the fleet. Hurrying back to Sasserine, the party fought their way into the Vanderboren Manor and narrowly managed to rescue Lavinia from Drevoraz, the Crimson Fleet cutthroat who had been sent to end the Vanderboren line.

In the aftermath of the rescue, the party told Lavinia that Othar had been her most vocal defender, not only brokering the peace with Drevoraz that saved Lavinia from the blade at her throat, but also convinced Harliss Javell, the Crimson Fleet Captain who gave the order to have Lavinia killed, that Lavinia should be spared. Impressed with Othar’s heroic efforts in her defense and seeing much she had in common with him, she has begun a romantic entanglement with him and asked her expert troubleshooters to follow her on her next adventure: to a remote jungle island colony called Farshore, established by her parents. After preparing for a lengthy sea voyage, the two ships owned by Lavinia and her party, respectively, set sail for the southern tip of the Isle of Dread, but on the way encountered difficulties, and the two vessels were separated.

After her prolonged separation from the party during their sea travel to Farshore, she was delighted to see her heroes again when they at last arrived. Their reunion, while meaningful, was necessarily brief as an attack on the colony of Farshore was imminent. As she rallied her supporters to win control of the colony back from Manthalay Meravanchi, the party traveled throughout the Isle of Dread to rally supporters for the colony’s defense. While ultimately successful in staging off a Crimson Fleet assault force spearheaded by her estranged brother, Vanthus – ultimately killed by Kizziar’s bullet – and the winner of Farshore’s first election, this victory, too, was short-lived, as Manthalay did not take his defeat with grace, fomenting hostilities throughout the colony in an attempt to eventually stage a coup.

By the time the party returned from their adventures in Golismorga and at the central caldera of the island interior known as Thanaclan, Lavinia’s control over Farshore was dwindling under the constant erosion of her competitor’s efforts. Things finally came to a head when, shortly before returning from the ancient Olman city of Thanaclan, Vanthus, her despicable brother, clawed his way out of his own grave and, riding a skeletal horse of flame, absconded with his sister, carrying her away to the dreaded pirate colony of Scuttlecove.

While the Jade Ravens were first to respond, it was the party who was eventually successful in infiltrating the salt-caked, immoral pirate hell and, after infiltrating the very base of the Crimson Fleet itself, came to find that Vanthus had apparently taken Lavinia to a place he believed he could not be followed: into the Abyss itself.

There, Vanthus was tracked to Divided’s Ire, a prison island in Demogorgon’s home plan of Gaping Maw, but when the party arrived fast on his heels, they discovered that Lavinia was no longer in his possession. Abducted from Vanthus by a cruel marilith named Lillianth, the group attempted to broker Lavinia’s release, which was to be conditional upon the death of not just Vanthus, but of all the various demons who claimed a portion of the Ire as their domain. Ultimately, the group turned on Lillianth, fed up with her backbiting and deals, and with the great marilith’s death, it seemed for a moment as though all would be well again. Tragically, a new enemy, S’sharra, took this opportunity to arrive on the scene, slaughtering Lavinia and attempting to do the same to the rest of the party in their battle-weakened state.

While S’sharra was defeated, whatever damage she had done to Lavinia remained, in the form of an onyx javelin that was lunged through her body and spread out to infect the whole of her form with black veins, turning her body into a withered, black husk. The hasty intervention of a gentle repose spell kept the destruction in check, offering some hope of allowing her to be cured and resurrected in the future.

When the group reached Shendilavri, that opportunity finally came. Malcanthet offered to restore Lavinia to life if they could return one of her servants – a lilitu named Crimson, one of the Radiant Sisters – alive, that she would restore Lavinia. Othar and her other friends leapt at the offer without considering the potential cost.

The task of retrieving Crimson done, Malcanthet bade the party return for her in two days time. Two mornings later, Othar was approached on the ship by an incubus to inform him that his “order was ready”, and that it could be located in Sarenrae’s Heart, the same blasphemous temple from which they had recovered Crimson. Othar feared what he already knew in his heart to be so, and his hasty arrival to the defiled church confirmed it: Malcanthet had made good on her word, and then some. Lavinia lived again, but as a lilitu demon, and the newest Radiant Sister.

Restrained in temperament and kept in Shendilavri by her new Queen, Malcanthet, Lavinia performed her duties as Radiant Sister even as Othar and her friends sought to win her freedom by defeating the Prince of Demons. It was apparent that Malcanthet could simply be lying about her promise to relinquish Lavinia if they succeeded, but what choice had they? In the meantime, Lavinia acted as the point of contact between Malcanthet and the Gang of Five, the better to keep an eye on them while twisting the knife in Othar’s heart.

With Demogorgon finally defeated, Malcanthet permitted Lavinia to return to Othar and her friends, claiming that “Crimson” would remain a Radiant Sister until such a time as she was replaced, a process that could take any amount of time, subject to the whims of the Queen of the Succubi. For now, however, Lavinia is “free”, though her short life as a demon has already changed her, and she now bears the indelible stamp of her demonic blood. This change is one that Lavinia finds at once unsettling and deeply pleasant; being a demon, she reflects, is enjoyable, in the way that being a human never was, and as the days pass, the memory of what it felt like to be mortal drift further into the distance.

It is because of this soul-deep metamorphosis that her reconciliation with Othar was a good deal easier than expected, in spite of the fact that it was Othar’s poor choices and poor timing that had allowed her to die and become resurrected into her current form in the first place. Telling Othar simply that if he could live with her, then she could live with him, both acknowledged that their future together would be an interesting one.

Being a demon whose lover is a powerful dragon-blooded sorcerer, Lavinia’s longevity is assured, and her path will go on long past a point that can be seen. However, after returning from the Abyss, she reconciled with Othar, and chose to return to Sasserine, living under a glamour that prevents most people from seeing her true form.

As Othar accepted the role of Leader of the Dawn Council and representative of the Noble District after his return to Sasserine, it was not long before Lavinia became the wife of the man whom most would know as the ruler and leader of the city. With her husband, Lavinia went on to enjoy fantastic wealth and success in both high society and finances, traveled the world, adventured, and lived the ecstatic life of a bon vivant, ever scandalized amongst the nobility for her brazen and charming manner.

And if occasionally those who entered the Torr/Vanderboren Manor never left, nobody who noticed dared to point it out.

Lavinia Vanderboren

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