Lirith Veldirose

Tomboy Warrior and Priest of Cayden Calean


Description: Lirith is a tomboyish young woman of about twenty-one who sports short red hair and a mess of freckles. Typically she wears functional leather armor and wields a rapier, and has proven herself thus far a skilled deckhand, equally comfortable in the rigging as on the battlefield. Numerous embellishments mark her as a lover of fine things, including a diamond facial piercing and several pieces of elaborate and expensive jewelry worn beneath her functional dress. She is flashy, showy, and clearly enjoys being the center of attention.

Having returned from her mysterious disappearance after the disaster at Journey’s End, Lirith now sports a large, cloth sash over one eye and some deep, white scars in her left hip. Both, she claims, were the result of an encounter with an oni, as demons are known in Kaidan. She still fights with a rapier, and her fighting style is, if anything, more bold and brash than before: generally, now she fights drunk, an has a near-constant blush to her face to prove it.


Biography: Little is known about Lirith’s past, other than that she is not from Sasserine and was hired by Lavinia to be a hand on the Sea Wyvern. During her first tenure aboard the ship, she seemed rather materialistic, a flashy, showy, tomboy, motivated chiefly by a sense of adventure. And while she’s still all of the former, she seems to be less motivated by material wealth now than she was then. A very sensual woman, she seems attracted to things that dazzle the senses or that she’s never tried before. She remains reticent with details of her own past, preferring instead to talk about great fights, bar brawls, drinking contests, sex, and other adventures.

Attempts to befriend Lirith came up short her first time with the crew. Dorian’s attempt to entice her into a drinking contest to break the ice failed miserably when he overestimated his tolerance and tapped out of the contest after a few shots. Othar, conversely, managed to make fast friends with the young woman: perhaps too fast, unfortunately, as she apparently misread Othar’s bid at friendship as romantic (or at least, sexual) interest and made a rather forward move on him, causing him to force her off him and tell her that he wouldn’t be cheating on Lavinia. Insulted and humiliated at the rejection, Lirith was left with a very, very unfavorable opinion of Othar, which he only managed to salvage shortly before their parting.

Following the destruction of the Mother of All, the sargasso island of Journey’s End began to unravel. Fearing for the party, she and Skald took a well-provisioned rowboat out to attempt to find the away team, but while the party found the Sea Wyvern, she and Skald had disappeared.

It wasn’t until, months later, with the party returning from Scuttlecove and their victory against the Crimson Fleet, that Lirith appeared again. Now a full-fledged priest of Cayden Calean, and married to Skald, whom she claims to have had several fascinating adventures with over their time apart, Lirith claims that after becoming separated from the ship, she and Skald washed up on a peninsula south of Kaidan, and from there made their way southward on foot until coming to another great city from which to complete their trip to Farshore.

Upon seeing Othar and Dorian show up to Avner’s home out of nowhere, Skald and Lirith, hungry for another adventure that was a match to their power, signed on for the trip to the Abyss, serving as Dorian’s cohort.

Her travels to the Abyss were something of a reality check, however, as it became apparent to all involved that nothing can truly prepare one for the depravity and ferocity of the lower planes. Lirith endured this with the best cheer she could, though the difficulties she encountered did much to take the edge off her tongue and give her pause to spend more time healing and bolstering her friends than attempting to go toe-to-toe with demons. She served as an expert on matters religious and planar, and her added support was invaluable to the Gang of Five’s survival.

Still a notorious drunk and flirt, Lirith and her husband took Dorian to their room shortly before the final siege on Gaping Maw. Lirith was also responsible for the preservation of Lavinia’s body after she was murdered by agents of Demogorgon, and the healing of Traxen’s mind after he was forced to experience the awesome, mind-warping horror of Obox-Ob, though this harmed her a great deal in the process. She also restored Lefty’s hand to him, proving herself a healer without peer.

Most important of Lirith’s contributions, however, was her realization that Demogorgon’s plan was a self-defeating one: success would mean the deal of all living things, which would, in time, mean the powerless torpor of all demonkind, including Demogorgon himself. From this, she extrapolated that someone, somewhere, had manipulated even the Prince of Demons into undertaking a task that would lead to his own inevitable irrelevance. While it did not change their course of action, it was a huge revelation to consider.

As the final battle with Demogorgon grew near, Lirith provided invaluable support to her team and helped to cement their victory by overcoming and rebuking Demogorgon’s corrosive influence. Most impressively, throughout her months in the Abyss, Lirith was absolutely terrified at virtually every moment, but was able to maintain her composure for the people who depended on her. It was a secret she shared with nobody, even her husband.

Escaping the Abyss with her husband at her side and her body and mind mostly intact was the best Lirith hoped for, and surprising even herself, she finds that she’s accomplished no less than that. With her task complete, Lirith and her husband take some time off to enjoy the fruits of their labors and the glory and prestige of heroism. She now has the ultimate story, as far as she’s concerned, and she means to tell it for years to come.

The only recourse left to her is to try and live an even better, bigger story, to find an even more great adventure. With her husband at her side and with the pair of them having provisionally signed on for whatever grandiose schemes Dorian and the rest of the Gang of Five have planned, it is certain that she will live the life she loves until she meets the Boatman again.

Lirith Veldirose

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