Tobin Gray

Professional Scholar and Healer-for-Hire


“[overlong academic discourse on a subject detailing its historical, political, social, and cultural ramifications] …but of course, I’m sure you already knew that, sir, and I appreciate that you so kindly give me an opportunity to contribute.”

Tobin Gray was a priest of Irori, the god of history, knowledge, and self-preservation. He had been hired by the party to accompany them on their travels and provide healing as required. His qualifications – those that the party were aware of – included:

  • Level 7 Cleric of Irori
  • Feats included Selective Channeling, Scribe Scroll, Brew Potion
  • Domains included Healing
  • Tobin ws an accomplished scholar and had knowledge of a variety of fields, many of which he had trained in extensively. Areas of expertise included the geography, politics, history, and religions of Sasserine, as well as Olman linguistics.

Personality and Description:
Tobin was a quiet, reserved young human of around twenty years. Ethnically he was a Kaidan, being a pale-skinned, dark-haired people who claim lineage from the fey and are close in resemblance to the Japanese. He was thin and bookish, and wore glasses. His long, well-kept hair underscored his distinct lack of muscle mass and rather fair features, and made him appear somewhat androgynous. He was calm and seemed to prefer keeping his own his own council, but his apparently tacit demeanor didn’t betray a hint of shyness or lack of composure: indeed, his few words were measured and deliberate, and his bearing and disposition were supremely confident. The party had candidly described him as “incredibly nice and just slightly condescending”.

Tobin carries no weapons and wears no armor, but is accompanied by a pet snake named ‘Abraxas’ that he appears to have somehow trained. His clothes are on the high-quality, low-frills end of temple garb, and it’s clear that he probably comes from a well-off merchant family or perhaps a minor noble house. When not in the temple, he dresses in quality, rugged clothing appropriate to the environment, with a penchant for formal wear.


After the assault on Vanderboren Manor, Tobin returned to the Temple of Irori in the Cudgel District and remained there while the rest of the party went to Kraken’s Cove to recover the Sea Wyvern, the abandoned caravel left in the cove. Upon their return, they found during their investigation of the murders occurring in Sasserine that Tobin had apparently gone missing, and had been for over two days.

Checking with the High Priest of the temple, they learned that Tobin had a mother and father who lived in the city not far from the temple, but speaking to them was fruitless, as it seemed Tobin’s father, an impressively belligerent man, could not even speak Common. According to Tobin who was asked after the fact, his father and mother are first generation immigrants, though he himself was born in Sasserine.

It was eventually learned that Tobin had been kidnapped by Tegan Kellani, who used a magical compulsion to lure him into a trap. He was then bound and gagged and kept in a wardrobe in the Kellani home. Tegan stole a number of his curative spells prior to her battle with the party, and it was only after she was defeated and the party, backed by the Dawn Council, raided the Kellani home, that Tobin was found, bound but unharmed.

He has since taken a leave of absence from his duties at the church in Sasserine to accompany the rest of the party to Farshore and ostensibly to establish a shrine or library to Irori in the faroff colony. He remains an invaluable research to the party both for his healing abilities and his extensive knowledge on several subjects.

Unfortunately, Tobin’s traveling eventually came to an end. While on the Isle of Dread, the party was forced to enter a corrupted temple in order to save the remaining crew of the Sea Wyvern. It was here that the party was overwhelmed, and using some ability Tobin managed to draw the wrath of the assembled attackers, pulling them out of the room and sealing the door shut behind him. While Tobin was assumed killed, he was then seen as a captive of the demon Olangru, whose temple they were inside. Hope remained that Tobin might have survived his ordeal and been taken prisoner, but as the fight finally ended and Olangru lay slain, it became apparent that was not the case. Tobin had been killed.

Shortly after leaving Fogmire and that black temple, the remaining members of Gang of Five attempted to have their friend resurrected by an Olman spirit healer, who told them that what they asked was impossible because Tobin was “not of this place”, meaning the material plane. Reluctantly, the party instead saw to Tobin’s bodily remains in the preferred method of adherents of Irori, burial at sky.

Since recovering Tobin’s things, the remaining members of the Gang of Five have begun to pore over the contents of his private journal, detailed here.

Status: Deceased.

Appearances: C1S2: A Company of Parrots, C1S3: A Pit of Dragons, C1S4: Epilogue, C2S1: At the Bay of Blood, C2S2: A Savage Tide, C2S3: Awash in Crimson, C3S0: Hemorrhage, C3S1: Rum, Sodomy, and the Lash, C3S2: Three Sheets to the Wind, C3S3: The Coming Storm, CSS4: Journey’s End, C4S1: Bloodwash, C4S2: Gaslight, C4S3: Fogmire.

Tobin Gray

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