The Revengencer's Aegis

A Lone Man Stands Against the World; He Suffers No Insult Twice


This steel-blue breastplate features a protection enchantment. An intricate engraving across the chest plate showed a man in silhouette, wielding a sword and standing atop a bluff as he looked out over what started as a vast and empty expanse. For reasons still not known, periodically a new creature or group of creatures will appear in the background of the engraving, as if to show the man in the foreground facing progressively more overwhelming odds.

After being claimed and donned by Traxen Cadrel, a large kraken was found to appear in the great negative space, lurching out of what now revealed itself to be a vast sea. Other images since added to the scene depict a vast army of men, an orc horde, a gaggle of demons, a massive thunder lizard, and other, more fearsome creatures that cannot yet be identified.


This ornate piece of armor was found in a treasure cache hidden behind the makeshift throne in the court of the ape demon Olangru. It is unknown where it came from, why Olangru possessed it, or why he opted not to wear it and gain its protective benefice.

When Traxen at last arrived in the Abyss via the wakeportal, his arrival did not go unnoticed by the armor itself, who seemed almost as if to speak to him. It said “Finally.” Eventually, it was revealed that the armor was connected to, supplied by, and assigned to Traxen by Malcanthet, Demon Queen of the Succubi so that he could act as her pawn.

  • +6 enchantment bonus
  • +5 to wearer’s speed
  • water walking whenever worn
  • immune to telepathy whenever worn
  • protection from chaos or protection from law 1/day, standard action, CL 18
  • protection from evil or protection from good 1/day, standard action, CL 18
  • 1/day, free action, for one turn, the wearer may access the use of any feat they do not have; the wearer must be eligible to take the feat as though they were purchasing it
  • daylight or deeper darkness 1/day, standard action, CL 18
  • true sight whenever worn, only applies to creatures who are shapeshifted, polymorphed, or using a spell or spell-like ability to appear as something other than what they are
  • when raging, wearer accrues damage as normal, but cannot be felled in combat. When the wearer comes out of his rage state, any lost hit points are reckoned and the wearer suffers his fate as his current hit point total dictates.
  • when raging, the first time the wearer is struck with a targeted affect or attack other than natural and weapon attacks (ie supernatural, spells, spell-like abilities, etc), he becomes totally immune to subsequent attempts to use same attack for the duration of the rage state. Each time the wearer rebuffs an attack in this manner, he takes 10 hit points of damage that cannot be reduced, but his rage state gains a temporary extension of one round. Any unused “bonus” rage rounds remaining when the wearer elects to exit a berserker rage are lost.

With Demogoron defeated and Malcanthet having stolen the crown of Princess of Demons, the armor was, perforce, returned to Malcanthet, who claimed that they were only being “loaned” to the party to enable them to perform the task set out before them. With the knowledge that they would not be able to return to the Prime if they did not relinquish the tools they were given, Traxen doffed his armor and spat upon it as he returned it to the newly-christened Princess of Demons.

The Revengencer's Aegis

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