The Fourth Horseman's Forge

A Weapon Forged in the Abyss by the Son of the First Gunslinger

weapon (ranged)

This revolver is a stout and functional piece with six barrels revolving on a central rod, allowing its user to fire six shots in succession without needing to reload, the chamber turning automatically as each shot is fired. While ultimately built for function over form, the chamber and barrel are etched with an elaborate filigree pattern depicting splashes of bizarre, non-Euclidean geometric shapes that quite literally cause headaches to look out for too long.

The gun itself comes in a suitcase-sized carrying case lined with velvet and bearing two neatly-cut spaces meant to accommodate the weapon and an elaborate, glass bottle of potent liquor. Gold leaf lettering on the inside reads ‘TWO ROADS TO COURAGE’ above the two open slots. Careful examination of the bullets that deflected off the golem fought in Fogmire revealed that all the bullets fired from this weapon are imprinted with a small, circular symbol: each one the personal seal of a specific outsider.


This weapon was found aboard the derelict vessel The Rage. After battering down the door to the cabin’s quarters, which was the only door on board the ship whose fortifications had survived, the group found this unusual firearm still clutched in the lifeless hand of a bearded corpse whom the party identified as the captain of the vessel, a man who had apparently taken his own life after barricading himself into his quarters. The liquor, likewise, had been sampled. Weapon, booze, and case alike were immediately claimed by Kizziar, who found the pieces called to him.

While the gun and the case it came in both seem to be antiques, Kizziar – as well as the rest of the group – are aware that this cannot be the case. Guns were only invented in Kaidan in the last hundred years, and the make and model of this particular pistol is distinctly not Kaidan in flavor. Furthermore, the Rage had been trapped at Journey’s End for years. How could such a gun from such a time on such a ship even exist?

For reasons the group can only guess at, when Kizziar at last arrived in the Abyss via the wakeportal, his arrival did not go unnoticed by the gun itself, who seemed almost as if to speak to him. It said “Finally.”

While it remains unclear as to whether the voice he heard was that of the weapon or the individual who arranged to have it put in his possession, it was eventually discovered that the latter was Malcanthet, Demon Queen of the Succubi, who had the weapon, which she called The Fourth Horseman’s Forge, created for Kizziar by the son of Murlynd, the adventurer-turned-deity who first brought the knowledge of guns to the world. Murlynd’s son, a fallen Paladin in thrall to Malcanthet, crafted the Fourth Horseman’s Forge to be the bane of all outsiders and those who meddle in the affairs of man. It is particularly deadly against them, and capable even of killing them outright with a single, well-timed shot.

To arrive in Kizziar’s hands, Malcanthet had this weapon created and subsequently given to a captain in the Scarlet Brotherhood, a drunk, whom she arranged, over fifty years earlier, to run his vessel aground at Journey’s End, a move that ensured the death of everyone on board and the eternal consignment of the ship to the stygian patch of sargasso. Half a century later, she was also responsible for the same fate befalling the Sea Wyvern, using the very same tool that Demogorgon had used to snare and force a bargain with his pawn, Cold Captain Wyther, so many years before. With escape from the sargasso necessary, Kizziar found the wreck of the Scarlet Brotherhood ship and the Fourth Horseman’s Forge inside, as she had planned.


  • +5 enchantment bonus
  • reliable enchantment
  • lucky enchantment
  • true strike 1/day, swift action
  • suggestion 1/day, standard action, DC 20, only functions when the weapon is pointed at the target and the suggestion is to surrender, run, disarm, etc.
  • adds 1 to the user’s Grit pool
  • +5 to user’s speed
  • user is immune to dominate effects
  • overcomes DR 15 against Outsiders
  • with a standard action, the wielder may fire a bullet imbued with the dismissal spell (DC 30) 3/day
  • considered vorpal against outsiders, but the roll to confirm the hit is rolled vs. the target’s standard AC

With Demogoron defeated and Malcanthet having stolen the crown of Princess of Demons, the gun was, perforce, returned to Malcanthet, who claimed that they were only being “loaned” to the party to enable them to perform the task set out before them. With the knowledge that they would not be able to return to the Prime if they did not relinquish the weapons, Kizziar tossed the firearm back to its owner.

The Fourth Horseman's Forge

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