combat knife

a large, single-edge knife designed for killing

weapon (melee)

combat knife
5gp or 8gp | 1d4 | 1d6 | 19-20/x2 | – | 1 lb. | P or S | -


First developed by metalworkers on the frontier, these knives were designed to be a compact, combat-effective alternative to the more utilitarian dagger. The initial design has been copied and tweaked throughout most of the civilized world, to the point that variants of these weapons are now easy to find most anywhere and a staple of rogues, thieves, and various ne’er-do-wells throughout Sasserine.

Models purchased on the Sasserine black market in Shadowshore can be furnished with a matte black finish that does not reflect light. These versions are more expensive (175% base cost) and require some searching to acquire (Knowledge; Local or Gather Information DC 12) due to their quasilegal status.

combat knife

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