Hundred Demons Flask

Room for a Hundred Demons...or One God


A large iron flask, more the size of an urn than a drinking vessel. The Hundred Demons Flask, also known as the Flask of Tuerney the Merciless, is a fairly battered old container made of pitted Abyssal iron, kept stoppered by a well-smoothed purple soulstone covered in runes.

Most disconcerting of all the flask’s features is that of the multiple dents and dings decorating its surface, all appear to have been made from the inside.


This flask was given to the Gang of Five by Malcanthet, Demon Queen of the Succubi, though the task required to get it is dwarfed by the importance and value of the item they received, and it seems clear that it was a gesture, a token task meant to reinforce their subservience to the demon queen as well as the mutual benefice of their arrangement.

The Hundred Demons Flask functions identically to a normal iron flask, except that it may only be used to imprison demons. A targeted demon must make a DC 29 Will save to resist being captured. As its name implies, it can hold up to a hundred demons at a time, and these demons may, if addressed by name, be summoned from the flask and bound to serve the user for up to an hour, three times per day. If the flask it opened and no containment effect or summon request is made on a demon within one round, 1d6 demons inside come spilling out, generally angry and hungry to kill the owner for control of the flask.

Most importantly, however, the flask can be used to house a single aspect of a single demon lord or chaotic evil deity. To do so, it must first be completely empty, and a normal containment attempt is made on the aspect. However, as the Hundred Demons Flask was made specifically with the intention of containing demonic aspects, the resisting aspect receives a significant penalty to its Will save to resist containment.

If the Gang of Five have learned anything in their time in the Abyss, however, it is that no prison is perfect. Even the Hundred Demons Flask cannot hold something as powerful as an aspect indefinitely.

Initially used to capture and confine the aspect of the Prince of Vermin, Obox-Ob who was imprisoned in a layer of the Abyss known as the Blood Shallows, the Iron Flask held the demon lord’s aspect until such a time as he could be released to lay waste to the capital city of Lemoriax, the heart of his former plane and the seat of power of his hated enemy.

Unfortunately, releasing Obox-Ob caused the flask to be lost, flung to the streets of Lemoriax, where it was later recovered by the Witch Queen Iggwilv, who, in her master stroke after the defeat of Demogorgon by the Gang of Five, used it to capture the remnants of Demogorgon’s essence. Inscrutable as ever, Iggwilv’s reason for doing this shall remain a mystery, though the potential advantages of possessing both the Iron Flask and the soul of a Demon Lord are obvious.

Hundred Demons Flask

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