mundane items

Simple Items, Given by People Who Matter


Prior to leaving for the Abyss, each founding member of the Gang of Five was given a small, mundane object by someone who they are important to. These tokens, while not magical themselves, represent the faith that these individuals have in the people to whom they were given, and serve as a constant reminder of both what is at stake, and of the potential that each of their heroes has within him.

Kizziar was the recipient of a gun charm from Willie. The charm reflects resilience and skill.

Traxen was the recipient of a captain’s hat from Amella. The hat reflects valor and courage.

Othar was the recipient of a bracelet from T’lali. The bracelet reflects wisdom and learning.

Dorian was the recipient of a belt buckle from Churtle. The belt buckle represents freedom and generosity.


Each of these items was crafted by Willie, Amella, T’lali, and Churtle, and given to one of the members of the group as a token of thanks. Their only practical value is sentimental.

mundane items

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