Malcanthet's Essence

The Saffron-Scented Sweat of the Demon Queen, and a Potent Perfume


One dose of this potent perfume grants a competence bonus to Diplomacy checks for 1 hour. The nature of the perfume is such that it is nonmagical and while most anyone will find it enchanting to smell, its effect differs depending upon the person smelling.

The bonus is +10 when made against characters who could be attracted to the character.
The bonus is +5 when made against characters who would not be attracted to the character.
The bonus is negated entirely when interacting with characters who cannot smell or who are aware of the perfume’s properties. Furthermore, this bonus functions by enhancing the user’s attraction, and is therefore negated if the user tries to make a Diplomacy check to make themselves less likable.

There are 21 of 23 total doses remaining.


This perfume was first encountered when it was recovered from the possessions of Rowyn, guild mistress of the Lotus Dragons. Whether she knew how potent and exquisitely rare an item she had is anyone’s guess, but the extremely small amount that had been depleted from the bottle when it was found indicates in some small way that she may have been aware of what a potent and valuable item she had and that she was, accordingly, using it very sparingly.

This humble and unassuming bottle remained in possession of the gang, occasionally seeing use by Dorian or Othar, but the seemingly amazing power this bottle held seemed to merit no real investigation, except to learn that an experienced perfumer living in Sasserine believed it to originate from a near-mythical realm in the heavens called “Shendilavri”.

Years passed, and eventually they found themselves arriving at Shendilavri. But it was no paradise; Shendilavri, 580th layer of the Abyss, is the home to Malcanthet, Demon Queen of the Succubi, and her piece of the hells is amusing and good for her alone.

During the eventual meeting with Malcanthet they won, the Queen of Succubi made bare, in her gloating, the origins of the bottle. Twenty years earlier, she had dispatched her daughter, the half-succubus, half-nymph Tyralandi to Sasserine in the guise of a male merchant, to sell the perfume to a retired pirate and criminal by the name of Heldrath Kellani, knowing that years later, Heldrath’s daughter, Rowyn, would steal the perfume, allowing it, in time, to pass into the hands of the Gang of Five, enabling them to better serve as her agents even from the very beginning.

Before her subjects left her realm, the Demon Queen refilled the bottle for them by running the mouth of the vial along her torrid, sweating skin.

Malcanthet's Essence

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