silver locket

a silver locket worn by Brissa Santos


This is a relatively simple silver locket in the shape of a pair of closed, angelic wings. When opened, the wings appear spread, and there is a space for a small cameo or picture inside. Currently, the locket bears a very small painting of Vanthus Vanderboren


This silver locket was recovered from the body of Brissa Santos, the jilted lover of Vanthus Vanderboren. After he betrayed her, she swam into the tunnels of Kraken’s Cove, where she remained, stricken with Savage Fever until the party chanced across her. In her feral and maddened state, she immediately attacked them, and was killed. This locket was found clutched tightly into the flesh of her palm upon her death.

First Appearance: C2S2: A Savage Tide

silver locket

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