the Blue Nixie

the Other Vanderboren Vessel


The Blue Nixie is a two-deck, single-mast cutter. Belonging to former adventurers, it has a few hiding spaces inside and ample room for cargo below deck. A larger, more detailed schematic can be seen here.


The Blue Nixie is one of two seafaring vessels owned by the Vanderboren family. The first was destroyed at sea by the fire that killed Lavinia’s parents. The second ship, the Nixie, was reclaimed from a crooked harbor worker named Soller Vark by the party. It is now once again in the possession of Lavinia Vanderboren.

Having made the trip to Farshore, Lavinia tasked the expert captain Amella Venkalie with returning to Sasserine in the vessel. In the six months it took to return to Sasserine and then sail again for Farshore, Traxen and his crew traveled quite literally to hell and back, meeting Amella only once three months prior, when she docked in Sasserine.

When Amella at last returned to Farshore with cargo and new immigrants to Farshore only days after the Gang of Five returned victorious from the Abyss in the Sea Wyvern, Lavinia opted to make a gift of the ship to her captain. Standing beside Traxen, they now command a small fleet of vessels, with the Nixie and the Wyvern as their flagships.

the Blue Nixie

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