the Wakeportal

A Sextant Given to Cold Captain Wyther


A humble, battered sextant in an old, wooden box. It doesn’t even register as magical.


Acquired from the treasury of the Crimson Fleet and, more specifically, Cold Captain Wyther, this wakeportal is one of two known in existence, both owned by the fleet. The other was taken by Vanthus Vanderboren when he traveled to the Abyss. Both wakeportals were imparted to the Captain by Demogorgon, who gave these devices to Wyther so that he could sail to the Abyss. Using the wakeportal requires ten minutes of dedicated use, after which the vessel the user stands on and all materials within thirty feet of the ship is transported to a random spot in the Abyssian Ocean.

the Wakeportal

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