Citizens of Farshore

First established by the adventuring party comprised of Verik and Larissa Vanderboren, Manthalay Meravanchi, Jeran Emrikad, and Doctor Hevrik Aldwattle, Farshore is a small colony that sits on the southernmost of the Isle of Dread island chain, a chunk of land called Renkrue. Ostensibly established as a much-needed safe harbor in the southern Vohoun Ocean, the founders of the colony all had their own, private reasons for wanting to see the colony thrive: Verik and Larissa, parents of Lavinia and Vanthus, were fascinated by the Isle itself and the Olman people who dwelt there. Manthalay saw the potential for profit in the form of natural resources, powerful magics, hides, timber, ore, and even slaves. Dr. Aldwattle, a student of nature, was most fascinated with the diversity and proliferation of life to be found in the area. Jeran, cryptically, appears to have just laid his hat here for no other reason than it’s where the others landed.

In the time since Verik and Larissa’s murder, Farshore has grown into a robust colony and trade hub, due in no small part to the timely intervention of goods and new patriots brought by Lavinia, the alliances forced and the resources acquired by the Gang of Five, and the continued leadership of both Lavinia and her successor, Avner.

Manthalay Meravanchi:
Manthalay is an impressively large, muscular man in his early forties who bears well-trimmed facial hair and favors a suit of massive plate mail. His features are hard and stern, befitting his background as an adventurer and the leader of a people established in as inhospitable a region as the Isle of Dread. When not in combat, he wears immaculate, tailored suits, appropriate to a man of his wealth and station. He is only ever seen to smile or show any signs of joy at the defeat of an opponent.

Manthalay was a former adventuring companion of Verrik and Larissa Venderboren, Lavinia’s parents. Together, they established the colony of Farshore, but while Larissa and Verrik returned to Sasserine in order to secure supplies for the fledgling colony, Manthalay stayed behind to keep order. In the eight or so months since Verrik and Larissa left, he became a stern and xenophobic (albeit fair) ruler of the colony. When Lavinia, the heir apparent to her parents’ legacy returned, he felt threatened, and began to jockey for a more permanent position as the ruler and leader of the colony. Outwardly hostile to her “gang of hired thugs”, Manthalay seemed to become more jingoistic and scornful of reason with each victory the group won, and in spite of enlisting the aid of his nephew, Avner, whom he makes no attempt to hide his dislike for, he eventually lost the election for mayorship of the colony to Lavinia.

While momentarily accepting of this result prior to the Battle For Farshore, his efforts to wrest control of the colony were redoubled in the weeks that followed. Mounting political opposition made matters strained throughout the colony for weeks as Manthalay fought Lavinia on principal over every detail of the colony’s management. With the Gang of Five returning from Golismorga, they brought with them dire news for the future of the colony. At last, Manthalay had had enough, and along with a handful of other would-be repatriates to Sasserine, he requested that Othar return him to his home so that he could wash his hands of “this filthy, doomed backwater run by the lackeys of a child”.

Having been back in Sasserine for a while, it didn’t surprise the group to learn, on subsequent trips back to Sasserine, that Manthalay has been using his family’s political clout to call into question the service record of the Gang of Five to the people of Sasserine, inciting a small cadre of people who had been swayed by his venomous rhetoric. These blind and motivated few managed only to deface what monuments around the city exalt the group, however.

Upon their final and triumphant return to Sasserine after the defeat of Demogorgon, the Gang of Five discovered that their foe had left town after hearing about their victory in the Abyss. Apparently unable to live in a city where men he hated were held as heroes and unwilling to accept the folly of his assumptions about them, Manthalay has moved on. To where and what he will do next is of no import to this tale.

Defense Captain Ulvar Kabbanja:
Captain of Farshore’s militia, this gruff, pot-bellied man was at one time an ardent supporter of the strongman figure Manthalay Maravanchi, but as the troubles of Farshore became silenced by the efforts of the party, he grew to respect the deeds of the Gang of Five over Manthalay’s bluster. With the abduction of Lavinia and the final departure of Manthalay, Ulvar has become a community leader, committed and capable of keeping the peace from foreign and domestic threats. His title changing from Militia Captain to Defense Captain, Ulvar spearheads all matters concerning the military defense of the colony on what some in Farshore are calling “The Vanderboren Council”.

Malfus Firewind:
Proprietor of ‘The Last Cocount’, Farshore’s bar and tavern. Unknown to most, Malfus and his wife have spent the better portion of both their lives facilitating adventurers in some form or another, and it was Malfus’ wife, Bonne Firewind, who ventured to adopt Churtle when the Blue Nixie landed in Farshore, taking her on as help around the inn but also mothering her, teaching her the common tongue, and helping her to heal from her abuse.

The kindly old pair treat Churtle almost as though she were their own child, in spite of the significant racial difference. Malfus’ reaction to questions about their odd employee meet with a gruff declaration of how he is “Too old to give a shit about things like that.” It’s clear, though, that his feelings and those of his wife run a good deal deeper: with Churtle finally mastering the native language and growing up enough to articulate herself, he is very aware of her unfortunate history, and extremely thankful to the group for what they did for the lone kobold.

Vesserin Catherly:
Farshore’s lone priest, Vesserin is a middle-aged half-elf with handsome, pleasant features. He is quite proud of managing to welcome all faiths in Farshore without alienating any, but the living in Farshore is not easy, of that there can be no question. With relative calm returned to Farshore, Vesserin’s feelings towards the party is one of beleaguered relief: at least they’ve taken the madness that follows them elsewhere. While they’ve done much to help the colony, Vesserin’s focus is on creating peace, calm, and equity between the people of the region, not in challenging conflicts that arise.

Most recently, care of Liamae Teslikaria was turned over to Vesserin after she was recovered from Scuttlecove’s Sisters of Lamentation, who through unknown means had come to acquire Liamae as one of their house servants after lulling her into placidity. Despite the challenge this presents, Vesserin is doing his best to care for the psychologically broken woman, grateful that this is the greatest of his current concerns. It was also Vesserin who told the group of Noltus Innersol, the mad priest of Sarenrae, and set them about their task at Thanaclan. Part of the so-called Vanderboren Council, he advises the mayor on the spiritual welfare of the colony and reports back the concerns and morale of the citizens.

Telda Syren:
A dark-skinned halfling woman who serves as Farshore’s resident doctor, Talda is a serious woman with a grim attitude towards her business. A diligent herbalist and naturalist, she serves the colony best a chirurgeon and triage medic. Over the months since Lavinia and her entourage’s arrival in the colony, she gradually fell in love with and wed Kaskus Kiel, the handsome, nature-loving dwarf. Sadly, their idyllic life together was shattered when Kaskus was persuaded by his fellow Jade Raven, Tolin, to infiltrate Scuttlecove as a response to Lavinia’s abduction, resulting in Kaskus’ death and eventual retrieval of his corpse by the party.

Kaskus has since been brought back from death, but the ordeal has left him mentally shattered, reclusive and quiet. Desirous of nothing more than to return to his wife, Telda now sees after her husband, attempting slowly to work through the barriers of trauma he has thrown up around his psyche. Grateful to the group for recovering her husband, she holds a deep contempt for Tolin, whom she sees as the instigator of all her husband’s suffering. Telda remains in Farshore and believes that once Kaskus has recovered, her life will be all she ever hoped for. Currently she serves the Vanderboren Council as the medical adviser and agricultural specialist.

Doctor Hevrik Aldwattle:
A human in his late forties with dapper, well-coiffed hair and spectacles, Doctor Hevrik nearly avoided death during the raid on Farshore thanks to the efforts of Traxen, who healed him and escorted him to safety. Hevrik’s role in Farshore is that of alchemist and scientist. He fancies himself an adventurer, and has actually been in Farshore from the very beginning. Unknown to all but a few, Hevrik accompanied Larissa and Verik on their first trip to the isle, and has remained there since. Since being saved from a pirate’s blade by Traxen, he has gone out of his way to provide the man with potions and other useful tonics whenever possible.

Quiet and soft-spoken, with Lavinia’s kidnapping and Avner’s ascension to the role of (temporary) Mayor, Hevrik serves Farshore in a broader capacity with his extensive arcane library and knowledge of geography. Currently acting as the cultural and historical adviser to the Vanderboren Council, Hevrik’s cautious, thorough, pensive nature serves Farshore well as an often lone voice of reason.

Ruby, the Weaver:
This attractive, young, red-headed lady was saved from a terrible fate by Kizziar, who dramatically gunned down the Crimson Fleet pirate that chased her. A quiet, mousey, and generally meek young lady, she had attempted to thank Kizziar for saving her life, but Kizziar was a good deal more than cool to her intended advances, and in the months since that initial incident, Ruby has become romantically involved with Avner, who has taken a refreshingly serious and honest attitude into his newborn relationship with the young lady.

Jeran Emrikad:
Keeper of the Farshore Hall of Records, Jeran was a polite, enthusiastic, gentlemanly sort in his early forties who dressed in pin-neat Victorian garb, in spite of Farshore’s climate. A gregarious fellow, most in Farshore did not know that Jeran was a close friend of Lavinia’s parents and part of the original excursion to the Isle. Sadly, Jeran’s life came to an end when he was slaughtered by Vanthus when he attempted to heroically interpose himself between Lavinia and her brother. He was buried with honors in the Farshore cemetery.

Dranys Sellis:
Coming to Farshore to make his fortune, Dranys was a stout, one-eyed dwarf, and more businessman than craftsman. While he did an admirable job supervising and managing the staff of Farshore’s smithy and mill, which he himself set up, his actual skill at carpentry, woodworking, and smithing were something less than adequate to the demands of a war effort. This, however, did little to prevent his resolve to help, and it was this bravery and desire to contribute that lead to his tragic death at the hands of the vrocks that Vanthus had brought with him to sack Farshore.

Citizens of Farshore

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