Inmates of Divided's Ire

Divided’s Ire began its existence as a pleasure palace, built for Demogorgon to entertain his former lover, the Lady of Debased Eros and former Demon Queen of the Succubi, Shami-Amourae. However, after her betrayal the Prince of Demons abandoned the structure, deciding instead to turn the facility into a prison complex, to which he could effectively banish anyone whom he did not want to deal with. Over the centuries, many have been sent to the Ire and forgotten entirely: in fact, Demogorgon’s attention to the facility is so limited that he seems either unaware or unbothered by the fact that the entire internal structure of the prison has collapsed, leaving his warden, Kululblax, and his former adviser, Orgosh, in a state of strained detente with several inmates who at some point or another have managed to get free and carve out chunks of the Ire’s real estate as personal domains. Now in absolute chaos, the Ire is less a prison than a madhouse, where a half dozen squabbling demons play at being kings, foolishly mistaking their cells for kingdoms.

Having assassinated several leaders in the Ire, Vanthus among them, and rescuing a torpid Lavinia, the group took the advice of Orgosh the Despoiler in crafting an elaborate bombard that would wake the “beast” that lived in the volcano Divided’s Ire was built upon: the beast, it turned out, was an eons-old magma drake whose existence may well have predated the plane, itself. As it shuddered back to life, it began to lay waste to the Ire, even as the mortals who woke it from its slumber beat a hasty retreat.

Kululblax, Warden of Divided’s Ire:
An immense glabrezu demon, Kululblax appeared to be fairly representative of his race: mercurial, vicious, and intelligent only insofar as the application of violence and fear allows. Formerly the Warden of Divided’s Ire, Kululblax allowed the prison to become decadent and disorganized, to the extent that several of the prisoners had claimed blocks of the prison grounds as their personal “domain”. A telling remark on the nature of chaos and its inherent instability he may be, but it doesn’t change the fact that Kululblax is terrified of Demogorgon’s gaze being turned to him again: when and if he does, Kululblax will surely be left naked among his failings. Kululblax requested that the “interlopers from the prime” find and kill S’Sharra, hoping that the removal of Demogorgon’s hand-picked agent from the board will give him the time he needs to get the Ire back under his control. While S’Sharra was eventually defeated, it was not at his behest, however.

With the release of the great magma drake from the heart of the volcano on which the Ire is built, it is unclear if Kululblax survived: given his bellicose, confrontational demeanor and the tenacity with which he hoped to cling to control of the Ire, it is likely that either he or it met its fate that day.

Belsamoth, King Nothing:
A shatar demodant of massive size and appetite, Belsamoth’s self-named “domain” was comprised of little more than what appeared to have been Demogorgon’s throne room when the demon prince still used Divided’s Ire as a personal palace. A loathsome slouch, Belsamoth was content to consider a single chamber his “kingdom”, and wanted for nothing save a queen: to that end, he requested that the group find and bring S’Sharra before him. Captivated by her beauty and exquisite cruelty, Belsamoth hoped that having the beautiful demon under his control will finally make his pitiful, wretched, small existence complete.

It is unknown what happened to Belsamoth after the awakening of the beast within the volcano, but it is safely assumed that one such as he could not hope to stand against its awesome might.

Stern and serious, this impressively harsh-looking, red-skinned woman was decorated with facial tattoos and wore a hellish suit of black plate mail that made her resemble a walking fortress. Wielding a profane greatsword, it initially seemed as though her role in Divided’s Ire was that of recent dispatch by Demogorgon sent to somehow interfere with or watch over Vanthus. Upon meeting the group, S’Sharra claimed that for the heads of Kululblax and Orgosh, she would lead the group directly to their quarry and even help them to cut their opponent down. While clearly a demon, initially it seemed she alone among those the they had met in the Ire appeared to at least not be a deluded fool proclaiming her corner of the prison to be an empire and herself a mad king.

After Vanthus was defeated, however, S’Sharra made her true intentions known at the most inopportune time possible: during the attempted rescue of Lavinia from the marilith Lillianth, S’Sharra joined the fray with the group in a weakened state, opening her assault by throwing a pencil-thin javelin seemingly fashioned of onyx and studded with thousands of tiny barbs directly through the party patron’s body. In the fight that ensued, S’Sharra was narrowly defeated, but at the apparent cost of Lavinia’s life, as the javelin seemed to trigger some infection that quickly spread throughout her body, turning her flesh black and leathery and halting or retarding curative magics.

After being defeated, S’Sharra’s body was taken along with the group to their ship, and it was discovered from documents on her person that Demogorgon had dispatched the demonic blackguard with the explicit intention of assassinating the party before they could complete their goals.

Former inmate of the Ire and lover of Lillianth, Lynnara originally posed as Nurt Bilgeflower, the actual planar navigator of commandeered Crimson Fleet vessel the Crimson Scar, in an attempt to somehow ingratiate herself to the group, though it isn’t clear why. When Othar detected her deception, she immediately dropped her disguise, instead vying for seductive diplomacy. She explained that both she and her mistress, Lillianth, were opposed to Vanthus, and that she would be happy to give the group an introduction to her mistress so that they might be able to strike a deal. While initially skeptical, it was decided that in all likelihood, Lynnara was out to betray them, but that a meeting with Lillianth – whom Lynnara had intimated was in possession of Lavinia – might prove fruitful.

During the fight that followed against Lillianth to rescue Lavinia, Lynnara turned traitor upon her lover and leader when, after being summoned to her master’s aid, she proceeded to stall for several seconds before swooping in to deliver the death blow to her own lover. Briefly she explained that she had been looking for a way to get away from Lillianth for ages, and asked if she could accompany them as a planar consultant until she reached a destination she’d like to remain at. During the ensuing fight with S’Sharra and hasty retreat from the Ire, the group reluctantly brought Lynnara along, where she remained on the Sea Wyvern, providing a demon’s perspective on the group’s travels.

It wasn’t until the final battle with Demogorgon’s forces that Lynnara confessed to Lefty what virtually everyone on board the ship had already surmised: that she was a spy for Malcanthet, whose job was simply to watch and guide and report on the group’s progress. She brought this up in light of recent events that had given her cause to feel emotions of guilt and shame – unheard of in her kind – and because, as she put it, she wants to be a better person.

Free of Malcanthet’s influence as though by some sort of cosmic oversight, her her path will lead her now is up to her. In the immediate, she remains a member of the Sea Wyvern’s crew and friends with Lefty, who was among the only members of the crew to treat her with any kindness. The rest of Lynnara’s tale is a whole other story altogether, and even at her advanced age, her adventure has only just begun.

Formerly one of the most dangerous inmates of the Ire, Lillianth is a larger-than-life Marilith who held court over the portion of the prison that sat directly over the caldera of the island’s active volcano. Flanked by her lover, a succubus named Lynnara, and the meager forces she had managed to recruit from among the population of the prison, Lillianth hoped to wrest control of the Ire from (or perhaps simply visit revenge upon) her former jailor, Kululblax. Thanks to a peaceful first encounter with Lynnara, the group was given an audience with Lillianth, who it was revealed was in possession of Lavinia, at the time being held in one of the inhumanly hot cages that dangled hundreds of feet over the volcano’s open mouth. Threatened with Lavinia’s immediate execution and permanent death in the lava below, the group was cowed into accepting the marilith’s terms: for the lives of every other demon claiming to hold a piece of the Ire – as well as Vanthus – Lillianth will turn Lavinia over to the mortal intruders gratefully.

This, however, would never come to pass. After speaking to Orgosh and learning of the location of Vanthus, the members of the Gang of Five had officially had enough of dealing with demons. In a siege so rapid and random it shook the marilith’s tactical brilliance, the group blitzed Lillianth, forcing her to call on reserves that were too late. Betrayed by her lover Lynnara, Lillianth fell, her body being cast into the massive yawning aperture of the volcano below.

This brooding astral daeva had surprisingly claimed a portion of the Ire as his own “kingdom”, flanked by a pair of manic trumpet archons who furiously did his bidding while groveling at his feet. Saureya refused to discuss what happened to him, how he came to be in the Ire, or what he intended to do, aside from vague and clearly hollow paeans to “cleansing” the Ire. Dorian tested Saureya’s patience by what he believed to be calling him out for his apathy and sorrow, pointing to the bloody stumps where the angel’s wings used to be as the source of his grief. Unfortunately, the rogue’s gambit proved off, and rather than motivate the fallen daeva to greater heights, the chiding only incensed the angel, who snarled that he would offer his aid in fighting Vanthus only if the group could bring him proof that they had slain either Orgosh or Kululblax.

Ultimately the fallen angel’s offer was refused, and he was functionally cut out of the group’s plans involving the Ire. Still present when the magma dragon awoke, it is unlikely that Saureya could find the strength to leave, and far less likely that he could defeat such an ancient and powerful opponent. Perhaps in death he has found some solace.

Orgash, the bullywug lich, nominally “rules” the portion of the prison that once housed the guard’s chambers, mess, and assorted quarters. Now, his domain is a shanty-town of the undead, a collection of squat hovels pregnant with wraiths and shadows. Recruited by Demogorgon centuries ago to aid in the creation of the first death knight, Orgosh is supremely bitter about being relegated to the role of glorified butler now that his master has abandoned the Ire, a place that, according to Orgash, was one Demogorgon’s personal pleasure palace, a place he shared with his succubus lover, Shami-Amourae. Held to the Ire by Demogorgon’s possession of his phylactery, Orgosh wants nothing so much as to leave the Ire and return to his beloved swamp, something that Demogorgon makes impossible. To that end, he has offered the group a secret in exchange for the death of Vanthus, whose corrupting influence has begun to erode his power base and lead his undead army away. In exchange for removing the threat Vanthus poses, Orgosh promises the key to defeating Demogorgon, a solution that suits him just fine: should the group be successful, he reasons, he’ll have nothing to fear of the Prince of Demons’ hold over him.

Tipping the group off to the existence of the magma drake that lived beneath the Ire as he did, it is assumed that when the beast awoke, Orgosh had prepared a contingency that would either permit him to hide or escape. Still, it is unknown what ultimately became of him. If he lives still, no doubt he has begun searching for his now-abandoned phylactery.

After being resurrected and abducting his sister, Lavinia, Vanthus returned to the Crimson Fleet, demanding from Cold Captain Wyther his best crew, the use of his personal flagship, The Crimson Scar, and the wakeportal, capable of taking all to the Abyss, where Vanthus hoped to reconvene with his lord, Demogorgon. When he arrived in the Abyss, however, rather than being welcome, Vanthus was sent to the Ire and told simply to “await further instructions”. After arriving, he carved out a small niche for himself, but lost Lavinia to the marilith prisoner Lillianth in the process, as well as his ship, the cargo on it, and his crew, all of whom save him turned mad and were killed.

Confused and desperate, Vanthus became obsessed with recovering his sister, an obsession that attracted the attention of the demon lord Socothbenoth, the Demon Prince of sexual perversion, most especially incest. Lending Vanthus a contingent of his shadows to aid the death knight, Vanthus was still plotting his next move when he was descended upon by the party. In a pitched battle, Vanthus’ demonic investments came up short, and he was, at last, defeated, his body crumbling into bane ash with his passing.

Still, somehow this was not to be the last time Vanthus would appear, and when next the Gang of Five encountered Vanthus, it was as a mewling and wretched larvae being tortured by the orchestrator of his woes, General Ghorvash.

Inmates of Divided's Ire

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