Last Stand


Start: C12E1
End: C12E3
Location: Gaping Maw, The Abyss
Result: Defeat of Demogorgon by Gang of Five and Allies
Territorial Changes: Gaping Maw Becomes Part of Shendilavri; Prime Material Plane Secured
Power Changes: ‘Prince of Demons’ title transfers from Demogorgon to Malcanthet, Demon Queen of the Succubi and Princess of All Demonkind

Combatants: The Gang of Five, Lords of Ruin, Tobin Gray and the Forces of Irori vs. Demogorgon, Court of the Prince of Demons

Victory Modifiers:

  • Completed:
          – Learned of Demogorgon’s Weakness from His Imprisoned Former Lover, Shami-Amourae
          – Alliance Achieved with Orcus, Demon Prince of Undeath
          – Arendagrost, Child of Malcanthet and Demogorgon, Slain
          – Bagromar Recruited to Slay His Brother, Tetradarian, Both Clones of Demogorgon
          – Obox-Ob’s Captive Aspect Released from the Iron Flask of Tuerney the Merciless to Lay Waste to Lemoriax, Capital of Gaping Maw
          – Malcanthet’s Aid Secured to Betray and Demoralize Demogorgon Prior to the Final Battle
          – The Sacrifice of Tobin Gray, Allowing Word of Demogorgon’s Plans to Reach Irori
          – Intervention of Irori Sends The Old Man to the War Council, Who Commits The Most Resplendent Inevitable Cranes of Perfect and Glorious Axis Legion, The Fifty Thousand Unbound Pincers of Efficient and Merciless Order, and The Reborn Axiomatic Rays of the Dawn of the Open Palm to Siege Gaping Maw
          – Recruited Charon, the Boatman, Horseman of Death, to Bring His Forces to Bear Against the Prince of Demons
          – Defeated General Ghorvash, Saint Korgath the Betrayer, and Nulonga Within Wat Dagon

Last Stand

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