Sea Wyvern and Blue Nixie Crew

During the long voyage from Sasserine to the Isle of Dread, Lavinia Vanderboren and the Gang of Five steered two vessels southward across the sea, the Blue Nixie and the Sea Wyvern. Several characters crewed these two vessels or were passengers on them, and many did not survive the voyage intact or even alive. Several of these people are listed here.

Urol Forol:
Urol was a squat and ancient gnome of impossible age with a large nose and eyes who dresses smartly, typically wearing a shirt and waistcoat that was rumpled and messy for all its value. Urol was enthusiastic and fascinated by the natural world, and it came out in virtually all moments as he ccould carry on an endless conversation about most any subject, merrily adjusting his spectacles the entire time.

Urol Forol was serving as the navigator of the Sea Wyvern, and for his services had requested several stops be made en route to Farshore so that he could study various natural phenomenon. A respected scientist in Sasserine and abroad, Urol’s knowledge of the natural world was fairly unmatched in the world, though his unbridled enthusiasm clearly seemed to write checks his ass can’t hope to cash.

Othar’s attempt to befriend him ended massively when he showed the old gnome his stuffed and mounted Gut Tugger, to which Urol informed him, horrified, that Gut Tugger was a creature called a crested fel drake, and was quite intelligent. While Urol believed Othar that he didn’t know any better, the grizzly episode rather thoroughly wrecked the bridge Othar had been trying to build.

On a hunch based on a map sold to him by a drunk in Sasserine, Urol lead the group to the ruins at Tamoachan, where he put their lives in jeopardy battling a basilisk and the other denizens of the ancient ruins in order to gain knowledge into the Olman culture.

One of the few survivors of the wreck of the Sea Wyvern, Urol was full of barely-contained excitement about having an impromptu opportunity to explore the Isle of Dread more thoroughly, at least to start. This enthusiasm met a quick death, however, after it became apparent that the island was a far more inhospitable and dangerous place than he imagined. After his abduction by Olangru and subsequent rescue, it became apparent that he, too, had suffered manifold abuses at the hands of his tormentor. While Urol seemed to handle the ordeal fairly well, he was clearly traumatized, and his former glee over the natural world was replaced with blankly staring off into the distance and shuddering occasionally.

Finding himself in Farshore, however, Urol regained some of his old spark. Away from the constant threat of death, he remains marked by his experiences, but is able to function again. While briefly infatuated with Farshore’s herbalist and surgeon Telda Syren, he eventually became the odd man in the love triangle to Jade Raven Kaskus Kiel, and, heartbroken and seeing his work as done, returned with Captain Amella Venkalie to Sasserine. His current whereabouts are unknown.

Conrad Horst, aka Father Feres:
Squat, bald, and hairy, Conrad Horst was a human man in his late thirties or early forties, balding prematurely, with copious hair erupting from his ears and nostrils. A simple, shabby, downtrodden-looking sort, Conrad was posing as a priest when he came on board the ship, and his clothes, unchanged since, reflect that. He dressed in simple peasant garb and still wore his symbol of Iomedae, in order to keep up his ruse before the other passengers, at the time of his departure from the ship.

Conrad booked passage on the Sea Wyvern with the ostensible purpose of going to Farshore to spread the word of Iomedae, but this was revealed quickly as a sham. After the vessel’s stop at Fort Blackwell, Conrad took ill, and it was revealed during his impromptu surgery that he was not Father Feres, the name he had been using, but Conrad Horst, a conman and swindler of old ladies who had escaped Cauldron City by agreeing to act as a mule for a false church of Iomedae in Fort Blackwell. While there, Conrad had made his delivery, but for reasons unknown, the false clerics of Iomedae there planted an otherworldly egg inside him, and it had nearly hatched when the party saved his life.

Conrad subsequently convinced the party to allow him to maintain his false identity on the boat in exchange for his priestly trappings, and when the party reached the village on Renkrue, he opted to remain behind, parting company with the group ostensibly to make a fresh start of life and make good on the second chance the party had given him. Whether he makes the most of this second chance or not is known only to Conrad, at this point.

Lirith Veldirose:
An initial part of the crew of the Sea Wyvern hired on by Lavinia for the Journey to Farshore, Lirith was lost at sea following the defeat of the Mother of All at Journey’s End. She and Skald recently resurfaced, and have elected to follow their former shipmates on their former ship into the Abyss, Lirith as Dorian’s cohort.

Skald de Styes:
Part of the original crew of the Sea Wyvern on her trip to Farshroe, Skald is a competent deckhand and sailor as well as fighter who, in spite of his odd appearance, won friends on the initial journey. When the ship ran aground at Journey’s End, however, Skald was one of the two who set out in the ship’s boat to retrieve the stranded party and, with Lirith, was cast away, only making it to Farshore after numerous difficulties and adventures. Alongside his wife Lirith, he now calls the ship home again as it sails into the Abyss.

Terrance Paine:
Terrance hailed from the Garundi people across the sea. Fairly tall by human standards, he dressed and acted ostentatiously, frequently donning smoked goggles, a tophat, lavish clothing fretted with gemstones, and brandishing a cane with an expensive ornament on top. Likeable and affable, Terrance’s most notable trait by far was his otherwordly voice, the result of an accident in his youth that left his voice box ruined. His father, a powerful noble, paid to have a magical replacement constructed, but the unforseen side effect was that Terrance’s voice now seemed to be resonating with a tinny, reverberative effect that also left him always perfectly in tune. Terrance has since embraced this odd defect and owned it, turning it into a very unique entertaining career.

Not much is known about Terrance, though he has offhandedly mentioned that he was “just passing through” Sasserine and that he plans to go to Farshore to bring his vocal stylings to the people of Farshore and beyond. At Dorian’s prompting, he has revealed himself to be an avid user of the substance flayleaf, which he does openly and frequently while sailing.

Most attempts to befriend Terrance have met with failure. Noticing that Tobin appears to have made friends with the man, Tobin has remarked that Terrance is a deeply intellectual man with a strong sense of social justice who enjoys speaking at length on subjects of politics and history. Also, about bitches he fucked.

Terrance was last seen in the village of Renkrue. After one of the passengers of the Blue Nixie was shunted over to the Sea Wyvern for his personality clashes with Tolin of the Jade Ravens, Terrance volunteered to chance his travel residency to the Blue Nixie. Upon arriving at the colony of Farshore several weeks in advance of the party, it is said that he opted to travel alone to the Olman village of Tanaroa. It is unknown where his travel have taken him.

Tavey Nesk:
Tavey is a human child of about twelve years old who serves as the Cabin Boy of the Sea Wyvern. Adorable and earnest, he has boyishly long blond hair and freckles and acts with ceaseless enthusiasm in all things. He carries a knife but typically only wears loose-fitting, sailcloth clothing and prefers to go barefoot.

Little is known to the party about Tavey’s origins, though Amella could inform them of much. An orphan, Tavey has been bouncing around from ship to ship for the bulk of his life, some five years now.

During the journey to Farshore, Tavey latched on to Kizziar, treating him with a sort of hero worship. The situation grew aggravated (or at least, advanced) by Kizziar’s use of a ship’s ballista to deliver the killing blow to a fierce sea hydra that attacked the ship. Tavey has (quite incorrectly, but understandably, given his age and temperament) credited Kizziar with bringing the beast low in one stroke, and is even more fascinated by him than before. In fact, it became a running gag on board the vessel that whenever there was a great creature to bring low, Kizziar would land the killing blow causing Tavey to credit Kizziar with doing all the work.

One of a handful of survivors to make it to the Isle of Dread alive, Tavey was terrified and awed by the perils of the island, and tended to stick to and defer in all things to his hero, Kizziar. His darkest moment came during the excursion into Fogmire, where he was kidnapped by one of Olangru’s mates and taken back to the temple as an intended sacrifice. While the group managed to rescue him before he could be killed, it was apparent that he had suffered physical, sexual, and mental abuse at the hands of his captors, and after leaving Fogmire he had been alternatively convinced that he had died and gone to hell or that he was alive and that everything he remembered had actually happened. He did not know which of those two ideas was most terrible.

Now that he is in Farshore, Tavey feels more at home, surrounded by people and safe from harm. He has faded into the background somewhat, his hero worship of Kizziar no less intense, but with a richer, quieter understanding of what bloody business his hero does. In the party’s absence, in fact, Tavey was nominally adopted by a couple living in Farshore, one of the few ranchers in the community. Kizziar visited the couple to ensure Tavey’s safety, but did not speak to the boy, preferring instead to leave the darkest chapter of the boy’s life in the past. Before leaving, however, he left behind his first revolver, telling his adopted father that should Tavey come of age and be able to handle it, he was to have the weapon.

Blessed with new parents who care for him dearly, Tavey grows into a happy young man in his new home of Farshore. As he nears adulthood, his adoptive father will gift to him the shabby revolver given to him by his boyhood hero, and while Tavey will himself never take up the gun or risk his life, he will forever remember the lessons taught to him by the grizzled gunslinger, and for a moment, when he unholsters the old pistol, he’ll feel a rush of excitement and danger that he felt as a boy.

Sea Wyvern and Blue Nixie Crew

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