The Battle For Farshore


Start: C5S1: A New Threat
End: C5S3: The Return of the Brother
Location: Farshore, Isle of Dread
Result: Triumphant Victory for the Forces of Farshore and the Olman Tribes
Territorial Changes: Alliance Between Farshore and Olman Tribes of Mora, Tanaroa, and Panatube; Crimson Fleet Driven Back to Scuttlecove

Combatants: Citizens of Farshore, The Olman, The Gang of Five vs. The Crimson Fleet
Commanders: Manthalay Meravanchi, Lavinia Vanderboren vs. Vanthus Vanderboren

Victory Modifiers:

  • Completed:
          – Recruitment of Lefty, the Pirate as Crimson Fleet Turncoat
          – Recovery of Kawabusa Olman Artifacts from Temute Ruins
          – Slaughter of Troglodyte Tribes on Temute to Allow for Greater Timber Yields
          – Calming of Zotzilaha by Returning the Golden Bat Idol
          – Defeat of Temauhti-Tecuani
          – Recruitment of the Mora Olman Tribe to the Battle
          – Recruitment of the Panatube Olman Tribe to the Battle
          – Recruitment of the Tanaroa Olman Tribe to the Battle
          – Securing the Tar Pits to Acquire Tar
          – Recruitment of the Phanaton Tribes
          – Cemetery Sancified
          – Reclamation of the Sea Wyvern
          – Reinforcement of the Docks
          – Recruitment of Militia Members
          – Lavinia Vanderboren Elected Mayor
          – Reinforcement of the Smithy and Woodworks by Acquiring Skilled Craftsmen
          – Reinforcement of the Palisade
          – Construction of New Watchtowers
          – Reinforcement of the Infirmary
          – Recruited Dinosaurs
          – Repaired the Church
          – Restoration of Farshore Hall of Records
          – Reformation and Salvation of the Jade Ravens
          – Streamlining of the Apothecary
          – Streamlining of the Clayworks
          – Slaughter of the Pirates Attacking the Port
          – Scuttling of 4/5 Crimson Fleet Vessels
          – Defeat of the Crimson Fleet Flesh Golems
          – Defeat of the Yuan-Ti Sorcerer Aboard the Stygian Shark
          – Defeat of the Vrock War-Dancers
          – Defeat of Vanthus Vanderboren
          – Did not Permit the Savage Tide to Be Unleashed in Farshore

The Battle For Farshore

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