The Dawn Council

The Dawn Council is the formal ruling body of Sasserine, taking over after the recent upheaval of the Sea Princes. It is comprised of seven noble houses, each of which sees to the administrative duties of one of the districts of the city and is closely tied with the church in the area. Membership in the Dawn Council is hereditary, though once a five years a member may be “voted out” and replaced with another noble representative from the district with a majority vote.

The seven houses that comprise the Dawn Council, their district, representative, and church affiliation are:

  • House Islaran, the Azure District, affiliated with the Azure Cathedral (dedicated to all deities of the sea)
    House Islaran is represented by Kolta Islaran, youngest son of the former Harbormaster Keltar Islaran known to be in Sasserine.

Keltar Islaran was recently murdered by the notorious Lotus Dragons. His son Kolta has taken the helm of the family after marrying Lienne Tiel and naming her to the office of Harbormaster.

  • House Lorchester, the Champion District, affiliated with Gorum
    House Lorchester is represented by Neldrak Lorchester, a middle-aged a stodgy man who seeks to captain Sasserine’s timber industry.
  • House Taskerhill, the Cudgel District, affiliated with Irori
    House Taskerhill is represented by Kalmdar Taskerhill, a proud and eloquent human man who is seen as being a bit elitist, but is fiercely loyal to his district.
  • House Arabani, the Merchant’s District, affiliated with Abadar
    House Arabani is represented by Anwyn Arabani, a half-elven woman of great beauty who has a well-known obsession with dark elves and it a known philanderer.
  • House Torr, the Noble District, affiliated with Pharasma
    House Torr is represented by Othar Torr, adventurer, noble scion of the Torr family, and powerful sorcerer.

The Noble District was most recently represented by House Lidu patron Worrin Lidu, a kindly and respectable older gentleman who known as a skillful wizard and true patriot of the city. During the final assault on Gaping Maw, Worrin was part of the invading force that helped to claim and secure the beachhead so that the Gang of Five could assault Wat Dagon. Unfortunately, Worrin was overtaken during the skirmish, where he was felled by a group of demons that targeted him. While he was unable to be recovered, he met his gods as a hero. The last of his line, the Lidu family has been extinguished, and in the wake of the defeat of Demogorgon, his position on the Dawn Council was offered to patriot Othar Torr, who accepted the position.

Worrin Lidu’s granddaughter, Donnalisa Lidu, 17, was the fourth victim of Tegan Kellani, and it was her death that spurred Worrin Lidu into hiring the party to investigate the case.

  • House Dracktus, Shadowshore, affiliated with Calistriae
    House Dracktus is represented by Moxie Blackrose, Guild Mistress of the Black Roses and owner of the Golden Hind.

Of late, House Dracktus was represented by Mason Dracktus, a dubious heir to the Dracktus family who kept the details of his ascension to nobility a tightly-guarded secret. Mason, however, was killed when the [[:shadow-pearls } shadow pearl]] detonated in Cauldron, and his position was taken over by his apparent wife, Moxie, who was able to produce documentation to this effect after her return from the cataclysm at Cauldron.

Prior to this, the station was held by Emil Dracktus, former head of House Dracktus, who suffered a medical complaint that ended his life. He was succeeded by his nephew, Mason, who, thanks to the growing influence of the Black Roses guild, had outwardly proclaimed his worship of Calistriae.

  • House Knowlern, the Sunrise District, affiliated with Serenrae
    House Knowlern is represented by Aniphastus Knowlern, named for his grandfather who founded the Sunrise District and built the city’s only park.

The Dawn Council

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