The Gang of Five

The Gang of Five is the regrettably rather uninspired name that was given to the four founding members of the party – and the cleric who accompanied them – by the citizens of the city of Sasserine. Initially given to them after their sound defeat of the Lotus Dragons thieves guild and – consequently – their saving of the sea trade in Sasserine earned them a massive party thrown by Worrin Lidu and the Dawn Council on their behalf, during which they were given medals, “The Spire of Sasserine”, and hailed rightly as heroes of the city, the name has since been used by the grateful citizens of Farshore, many of whom are Sasserine expats, and further, to Scuttlecove, where the name is known and feared, and even to the Abyss, where Demon Princes have learned to grimace at the name.

No one is certain who originally came up with the name “Gang of Five”, though evidence indicates it was the hasty result of a broadsheet printer’s desperation, and the name has stuck, for good or for ill. Plain as it is, the name serviceably delighted Iggwilv, the Witch Queen, who claimed to like the name, as it took her back to her own former adventuring company, the Company of Seven.

Recognized publicly as an adventuring troupe that honors Sasserine, members of the Gang of Five are seen as local heroes in their home city and are publicly viewed as model representatives of their home districts, something that has made other districts a little jealous.

The founding members of the Gang of Five are:

  • Dorian Ridgetide, an honorable but conflicted young grifter and rake.
  • Kizziar Stone, a tacit and stern gunslinger whose harsh exterior hides a warm spirit.
  • Othar Torr, dragon-blooded noble scion of the Torr family and mercurial spellslinger.
  • Traxen Cadrel, a fierce warrior, sailor, and mariner, who speaks the plain and eschews guile.
  • Tobin Gray, the soft-spoken and long-suffering scholar and priest, a boundless font of wisdom and humility. Murdered by the demon Olangru.

Additionally, there have been a handful of “honorary” members of the Gang of Five, usually represented by the founding members’ miscellaneous cohorts and adventuring partners, including:

  • Lefty, the Pirate, craven former pirate with the Crimson Fleet, and for a while, Dorian’s cohort. Lefty currently serves aboard the Sea Wyvern as her commander and boatswain when the Gang of Five is ashore.
  • T’lali of Tanaroa, the studious and wise student of an Olman tribal matriarch who served for a time as Othar’s cohort before revealing herself to be the princess of the Olman tribe, now ascended to a position of leadership over her people.
  • Lirith Veldirose, dashing and proud shipwright and celebrant of Cayden Cailean, Lirith and her husband rejoin the group after spending months as castaways, resolved to follow the group into the Abyss as Dorian’s confidant and cohort.
  • Skald de Styes, a demon-blooded hunter of all things demonic, Skald is a temperate and methodical contradiction who strives to control his inner demons. With his wife, Lirith, they traveled to the Abyss with the party, Skald as Othar’s cohort and advisor.

Counted among their incredible achievements are:

  • thwarting the Lotus Dragons guild and saving all sea trade in Sasserine
  • rescuing the riches of Lavinia Vanderboren, a noble in the Merchant District whose parents were murdered recently
  • finding and capturing (and even showing mercy to!) the Sasserine Gut-Tugger, Tegan Kellani, and ending the career of Sasserine’s first serial killer
  • besting the Crimson Fleet and stealing one of their vessels as booty
  • arranging for and installing a new Harbormaster for the city of Sasserine
  • surviving to Farshore where they arrived narrowly in time to defend the colony from assault
  • successfully repelling a Crimson Fleet armada with the help of the other denizens of the isle
  • traveling to Scuttlecove and rescuing Captain Harliss Javell of the Crimson Fleet
  • laying siege to the Crimson Fleet at their own home base
  • igniting the destruction of Demogorgon’s prison at Gaping Maw
  • freeing Shami-Amourae from the Wells of Darkness
  • brokering an allegiance between Charon, Iggwilv, Malcanthet, Orcus, and Irori
  • leading the charge in Gaping Maw
  • slaying Arendagrost, General Ghorvash, Saint Korgath, and Nulonga
  • defeating Demogorgon, Prince of Demons on his home plane
  • stopping Demogorgon’s Savage Tide and thereby saving the lives of all creatures on the Prime Material Plane
  • the installation of Malcanthet as the new Princess of Demons

Founding members of the Gang of Five get a +5 circumstance bonus on Diplomacy checks made when dealing with anyone who is loyal to the city of Sasserine. Members automatically receive 60% of a value’s worth when selling nonmagical goods. This bonus extends to all interactions had in Farshore or with citizens of Farshore, where they are hailed as local heroes, and now to Scuttlecove, where their fearsome reputation precedes them.

The Gang of Five

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