Harliss Javell

Former Crimson Fleet Captain, Scourge of the Seas


Description: A harsh but handsome human woman in her late thirties, Captain Harliss Javell is a picture of strength and confidence. Her many years at sea have left her deeply tanned and weathered, and her time as captain in the Crimson Fleet has gifted her with supreme poise and a haughty bearing. She dresses conservatively, for a pirate, favoring fashions worn by men but tailored to her shape, including highly-protective leather armor underneath a heavy, oilskin captain’s coat. Her long, raven-black hair is worn loosely, and when she stands at the helm of her vessel with her hair being tousled by the sea wind, she cuts an impressive and majestic figure, indeed.

In combat, Harliss fights with a magical cutlass and a custom revolver with elaborate, filigree engraving all over. Her manner in battle is confident, possibly even arrogant, as she delights in cutting down numerous combatants in single strokes.

In conversation, she is gruff and forceful, with little apparent patience for small talk or pleasantries. Like a mob enforcer, she speaks with forceful, measured words and seeks always to enforce her dominance over the situation.


Biography: Of all the individuals whom the party encountered at Kraken’s Cove, all had either been stricken with Savage Fever or else been killed by those who had. All, except for one: Harliss Javell, who had retreated to one of the rear chambers of the cave network where she put up what was to be her last stand, using furniture as a barricade while she picked off a swarm of savage pirates that had fallen upon her with pistol and sword.

In spite of having been bitten several times, when the party encountered Harliss she was still fighting on against nearly a dozen maddened pirates. Barking at them to lend her aid, lest she drag them to hell with her, the party jumped in to aid her in finishing up the remaining savage pirates. When the last of them were finally dead, she and the party exchanged what information they had about what had occurred. Javell informed the party that she now had a vendetta against Vanthus, and in fact the entire Vanderboren family, and that she had already dispatched men to Sasserine to kill “his family, his friends, his pets, anyone who owes him money, people he went to school with, people he drinks with, and whatever slut he keeps at port”. As this included their employer, Lavinia, and as the die had already been cast, the party’s meeting with Javell was short as they raced back to Sasserine and their employer’s aid. However, before they left they managed to make a good impression on the captain by helpfully healing her wounds and loudly and convincingly decreeing their hatred for Vanthus and their desire to see him dead, and Harliss expressed regret at calling for Lavinia’s death, giving the party one of her earrings as a code to her first mate, whom she dispatched with the task, to listen to the party’s message.

To the party’s surprise, Harliss was reunited with the party after Vanthus kidnapped his sister and absconded with her to Scuttlecove. Sending a message to Othar via magical means, she instructed the group to meet her when they arrived in the baneful city at Red Foam Whaling, but when the party reached the appointed location, they found an ambush waiting for them. With Harliss the only lead they had to find the hidden Crimson Fleet base and therefore Lavinia, they were forced to track her down, eventually finding that she had been subdued and imprisoned by the Sisters of Lamentation, a trio of mad harpies who ran a freelance information brokering ring out of Scuttlecove’s Birdcage. After a pitched battle, Harliss was rescued, and hungry for revenge, volunteered to lead the party to the Crimson Fleet Base, and participate in the ensuing battle.

It was during that raid, unfortunately, that Harliss was killed in a freak accident when a death slaad picked her, the “traitor”, as first to die. She remained dead, gently reposed, until the group’s return from the Crimson Fleet base after the defeat of Captain Wyther, when supplies for the necessary spells could be acquired. Having been raised, the group expected and hoped that she would be willing to follow through with her revenge and take the fight to Vanthus, and the Abyss. To everyone’s surprise, though, Harliss claimed that her rather easy and anticlimactic death were the red flags she needed to step back and reevaluate her life. For all her bravado, she claimed, she had been snuffed out so easily, and the brush with mortality had left her shaken, and wanting to train harder and work harder, focusing on herself, before throwing herself back into the jaws of peril.

For the three weeks that remained back to Farshore, she maintained an off-again, on-again sexual relationship with Kizziar, whom she would almost never talk to except while both were extremely drunk. Claiming, in her inebriated state, that she “fancied half-orcs”, Harliss’ entanglement with the gunslinger was eventually discovered by the rest of the boat, who were surprised, to say the least.

When the group at last set sail for the Abyss, Harliss remained behind in Farshore. While all were sad to see her go and disappointed to not have a seaman and fighter of such skill, no one wanted to begrudge or deny her an opportunity to learn something about herself and become a better, stronger person.

It was for these reasons that all were surprised, months later, when Harliss was among those to emerge from the portal erected by the Gang of Five on their ship to allow Vincent Marcos and the army of mortal wizards and warriors from the Prime to lay siege upon Demogorgon’s realm of Gaping Maw. Boisterously claiming that “old habits die hard” and scoffing at the idea that she’d “miss the final battle”, she fought bravely against the demons established at the portal point, helping to seize and hold it alongside Vincent, Moxie, Worrin, and scores of enlisted mortals.

When at last the Prince of Demons fell, Harliss was counted among the survivors, and as Malcanthet seized control of the realm and deported the mortal armies from it, she was returned to the Sea Wyvern with the others, and sailed with them to Farshore.

In the weeks of sailing between the spot in the Vohoun Ocean that Othar’s plane shift out of the Abyss had taken them to and the colony of Farshore, Harliss remained somewhat reclusive, performing the duties of a shipwright to see the vessel safely home. During this time, she made fast friends with Lefty, also formerly of the Crimson Fleet, and occasionally – when their mutual inebriation permitted – bedding Kizziar, whom she affectionately mistreated outside the confines of his bunk.

After arriving in Farshore, Harliss learned that the Gang of Five would be returning to Sasserine, and so, one evening while all eyes were off her, she simply disappeared, to where and for what purpose nobody knows. It is assumed, given what is known about her, that Harliss would rather not be held down, and that the sea called to her once more.

This was not the last to be heard of Harliss Javell, however. Months later, in Sasserine, as Kizziar was preparing for his next, great adventure, a package addressed to him arrived at the Torr Manor. Inside was a revolver, the same one Harliss had used since their first meeting at the Bay of Blood, and a note, that read only: “Don’t be a stranger. XOXO, Harliss”.

Harliss Javell

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