Moxie Blackrose

Guild Master of the Black Roses, Gangster-Politician of Sasserine


Description: A beautiful young woman of around nineteen, Moxie is of dubious genetic heritage, appearing to be a human but with features that mark her as clearly something else (gnome, she claims). She wears her dark hair short and accentuates her pale, freckled skin with a ladylike amount of makeup, and has numerous tattoos. She dresses appropriate to the situation but enjoys looking like a “slutty adventurer” and favors a set of tailored black leather armor and a custom rapier with a rose-shaped hilt.

Moxie is confident and expressive in her attitude and is capable of acting varying ways to better fit her company. Endlessly shrewd and analytic, Moxie nevertheless manages to seem affable, charming, and likable even while sizing people up. Every flirtation is calculated to ferret secrets out of the heart; every insult is a test of character; every innocent question is reconnaissance. Having said that, Moxie lives big, and lives well, and while her foremost goal is clearly the elevation of her guild and its aims, she desires nothing so much as to do everything, go everywhere, and have every experience.


Biography: Moxie was first encountered when one of her agents approached the party in the Sunrise District while they were investigating the Lotus Dragons. He claimed that his mistress wanted to speak to them and to visit ‘Last Ditch Lovers’, a notoriously bad brothel in the Shadowshore. When they found her, she claimed that she had a vested interest in seeing the Lotus Dragons fall, too, and offered them information on the guild in exchange for looking out for one of her men who attempted to infiltrate the guild, a halfling named Lucas.

During the investigation of the Lotus Dragons Guildhall, the party encountered the body of Lucas, who had apparently been killed attempting to infiltrate the guild. They recovered his things and eventually delivered them to Moxie, who was distraught at Lucas’ loss but ultimately thanked the men for bringing back his things and for eliminating so much of her competition. During the meeting, Dorian asked Moxie if she would like to accompany him to the Dawn Council’s celebration in the party’s honor and she accepted. Moxie took a keen interest in talking to various members of the Dawn Council and Lavinia, and at the end of the evening she and Dorian skipped out when things got dull to get some drinks, get in a fight, and maybe lose some money. During the date Moxie revealed that she was working on starting up her own guild in the city of Sasserine, a thieves’ guild that would work with the Dawn Council rather than against it, a proper “guild” in the strictest sense of the word. The evening ended with Dorian expressing his interest in helping Moxie and her guild in the future.

The two continued to see each other until Dorian left with the rest of his group for Farshore, having promised each other that they’d try to get together again when he could return, but making no paeans to fidelity in the meantime.

Months later, after the group’s long-belated arrival in Farshore, Dorian received a sort of sending spell from Moxie, a one-way communicae sent in the way of letting him know how she was getting on, which was to say, well. Shortly after, Dorian was able to return to Sasserine under the power of Othar’s teleportation magic, and among the many revelations they found upon returning home after so long, Dorian’s relationship with Moxie flourished. More impressive, Moxie’s humble guild run out of the back room of a brothel had grown manifold since his last visit, with the erection of a massive brothel, casino, and club dubbed ‘The Golden Hind’ erected on top of the tunnels of Parrot Island, whose location Dorian had mentioned to Moxie months prior. Taking advantage of the open real estate, Moxie purchased the land and built her guild’s new home upon it, recruiting various ne’er-do-wells throughout the city, and making inroads even with the Dawn Council by installing puppet representative Mason Draktus as the leader of the adjacent Shadowshore district.

Moxie and Dorian continued to see each other whenever Dorian returned to town, their relationship usually expressed through the exchanging of gifts and bodily fluids. At one time, Moxie supplied Dorian with a sending stone in the shape of a small, rose quartz heart, to better allow them to keep in touch, although with their mutually insane schedules, few words were exchanged. In spite of this, each time Dorian returned to Sasserine the pair seemed to grow closer, just as her guild seemed to grow stronger. Against the promptings of her own sense of logic, Moxie found herself rather taken with her boyfriend, though the promptings of their mutual lifestyle demanded that they maintain an open arrangement.

Prior to Dorian’s journey to the Abyss, Moxie finally confessed her feelings to Dorian, and admitted she was afraid that he might not come back. It was a stark and very naked moment of vulnerability for her, one she verged on regretting. Dorian said that he’d be back, and returned to Farshore to finalize preparations for departure.

Unfortunately, tragedy struck only hours before the Sea Wyvern left port. Thanks to an emergency message delivered via Vincent Marcos, the group learned that the nearby city of Cauldron had been quarantined after the detonation of a shadow pearl within her borders. No survivors had been found, and nobody was currently being allowed in or out. Moxie, Dorian learned, was in the city at the time of the detonation, apparently having traveled to the city with Mason on business in the way of opening up operations there. If she was alive, she was likely another victim of the savage fever.

Surprising even himself, Dorian became mad with grief, attempting to steal or force travel to Cauldron to see the catastrophe for himself, enter the city walls, and rescue Moxie. But with the hour of their departure so close and not merely Moxie, but the whole world hinging upon their success, Dorian’s possibly suicidal diversion could not be allowed. Othar took him, perforce, back to Farshore, leaving Dorian to desperately try screaming into the small, quartz heart he had been given. The only reply that came was one of slobbering and gnashing teeth.

While this unnerved Dorian to the point of great distress, he was, perforce, taken to the Abyss, a path that would eventually take him to Shendilavri, and an audience with Malcanthet, Demon Queen of the Succubi, who revealed – among her many, boastful revelations – that Moxie was, in fact, alive! Although she would not comment on Moxie’s status or the circumstances that permitted her to live, she did have some incredible secrets to reveal about her heritage. Twenty years earlier, Malcanthet’s own daughter, a half-nymph, half-succubus named Tyralandi, the woman also responsible for saving Lefty from the Hooks in Scuttlecove so many years later, had been dispatched to Sasserine to sell a bottle of perfume to a former pirate named Heldrath Kellani, and that, while she was there, she sired a daughter on the loins of a gnomish prostitute. This secret was revealed to Dorian in Malcanthet’s usual, coy manner, as Malcanthet referred to Moxie as her “granddaughter”.

Learning that Moxie was safe, Dorian calmed a bit in regards to his feeling a need to “rescue” his girlfriend, balmed by the knowledge that he hasn’t lost her, yet altogether deeply unnerved by the far-reaching implications of the Demon Queen’s plans, as well as by his own, creeping fear that he – also the orphaned son of a prostitute having just had his nineteenth birthday – may be his lover’s half-sibling, and a blood relative of demons.

The next time Moxie and Dorian would reunite would be on the beaches of Gaping Maw, as Moxie was brought in by Vincent Marcos as part of the small army of mortal defenders of the Prime. After a brief reunion amidst the battle, Dorian intimated that he’d have something to tell Moxie “later”, before embracing her and running off to continue his task.

When Demogorgon at last fell, Moxie was among those transported back to the Sea Wyvern by Malcanthet who scrambled up to the top deck when the Demon Queen’s stasis spell expired. As Moxie rushed to congratulate and embrace Dorian, Traxen let slip both what Dorian and previously learned from Malcanthet – that Moxie’s father was the half-demon half-nymph Tyralandi, herself the daughter of Malcanthet – and what Dorian had only just learned from the Demon Princess, that he, too, was “family” to her. Moxie pulled Dorian aside and demanded an explanation, which Dorian provided; based on what Malcanthet had told him, he had come to the reasonable extrapolation that he and she were related, as distantly as cousins, but given their very close age and the known whereabouts of Tyralandi when both of them would have been conceived, as well as the extremely similar nature of their respective conceptions, it was likely that they were, in fact, half-siblings. Moxie declared she could “live with that”, clearly more excited about the prospect of being partially demonic and the inheritor of a fantastic pedigree (at least, as far as succubi go).

Returning to Sasserine once the initial victory celebrations on the Sea Wyvern abated, Moxie was instrumental in helping Vincent Marcos set up the lavish gala thrown for the Gang of Five at Castle Taraknian upon their triumphant return to their home town.

To the surprise of most who had been away in the Abyss, Moxie was announced at the Castle Taraknian gala honoring the Gang of Five as the representative of the Shadowshore District. As it happened, she revealed, she and Mason, her recently deceased lickspittle and hereditary but stupid representative of the district, had secretly wed some weeks before he met his unfortunate end during the detonation of the shadow pearl at Cauldron. And with the documents to prove it, she had taken over the station in her departed husband’s stead, seizing control of the district and wasting no time in making diplomatic inroads with the other district heads and flexing her newfound political muscle for the good of Sasserine, her guild, and herself.

As the district representative of the Shadowshore, leader of the Black Roses, and the quarter-nymph, quarter-succubus granddaughter of the Demon Queen of the Succubi and newly-crowned Princess of Demons, Moxie stands poised on the precipice of world-shaking power and influence, and having made friends of four of the most powerful adventurers in the planes, her trajectory veers only upward as far as most eyes can see.

She and Dorian would eventually go their own ways, as both sought immortality in some fashion and both would have duties that require they spend much of their time apart, but the two would remain friends, occasional lovers, and close to each others’ hearts as long as they both lived, which it was clear would be a very, very, very, very long time, indeed.

Moxie Blackrose

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