The Ley Fault

Prison For a Rift in the Very Fabric of Time, Space, and Arcana

weapon (melee)

This rod is functionally a light mace, only made up of tens of grooved metal rings stacked up on top of each other to create a solid shaft approximately two feet long and two inches in diameter. It bears a strong arcane aura and serves to amplify or modify the wielder’s existing arcane casting potential. An incredible tool in the hands of a practiced caster, it also has a basic enchantment on it that allows it to be used as a weapon.


This unusual rod was found in the possession of a chiropteric outsider who appeared to be using the ruins at Tamoachan as a den. The creature spoke Abyssal, according to Tobin, who attempted to speak to the creature. Whether intrinsically bad or simply driven mad by its isolation and hardscrabble existence, the creature immediately attacked the party and fought unto death. The rod was claimed by Othar Torr after the battle, won with the help of a quite possibly hostile will-o-the-wisp.

Othar spent months attempting to unravel the secrets of this baton, trying everything he could think of to unearth its mysteries and unlock its potential. Having reached a dead end, he paid to have legend lore cast on the baton in the hope that learning of its provenance might give him some insight on how to use it. What was revealed instead was deeply unsettling: the baton was made for Othar, specifically so that Othar alone would wield it, and it had no history, no past. Whatever it was, someone incredibly powerful had created it with Othar in mind, and done so in the Abyss itself.

When Othar at last arrived in the Abyss via the wakeportal, his arrival did not go unnoticed by the rod itself, who seemed almost as if to speak to him. It said “Finally.”

After arriving at the Palace of Malcanthet some time later, Othar finally learned the truth about this rod, called “The Ley Fault”


  • +5 enchantment bonus
  • Suggestion 1/day, DC 20, standard action, as long as the user has more hard coin than the target. Suggestion must be stated as an imperious demand.
  • true sight as long as it’s held
  • any combination of maximize spell, widen spell, selective spell, extend spell, enlarge spell up to 13 spell levels per day
  • functions as a rod of negation 1/day, standard action; add absorbed CL to metamagic abilities, max 13
  • grants wielder base SR 20, or improves existing SR by 4
  • +10 to all concentration checks
  • the user may counterspell any spell, regardless of whether the caster knows the spell he is intending to counter. To do so, the wielder must expend a spell slot of a level greater than that of the spell he intends to counter. The wielder must still make the appropriate check to determine the level of the spell, or he may gamble on the spell he is casting being powerful enough to disrupt the opposing spell.
  • upon reaching the level 20, the Ley Fault enables the user to channel their arcane efforts into a single, devastatingly powerful spell, the primal expression of their magical focus. This spell is a level 10 spell that is unique to the caster. It may not be taught to another.

With Demogoron defeated and Malcanthet having stolen the crown of Princess of Demons, the rod was, perforce, returned to Malcanthet, who claimed that they were only being “loaned” to the party to enable them to perform the task set out before them. With the knowledge that they would not be able to return to the Prime if they did not relinquish the weapons, Othar reluctantly returned the rod to its owner.

The Ley Fault

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