The Ecstasy Configuration, Jezebel

The Soul of a Succubi Bound to the Blade

weapon (melee)

This knife is a red ceramic dagger of unknown origin, and it possesses a strong aura of both enchantment and necromancy. Tobin discovered that the blade itself is a puzzle. The components of the puzzle are mechanical, he believes, require some form of magical or emotional trigger to activate, much like a portal key.

Physically, this knife is a single-edged blade apparently made of a single piece of shaped ceramic that is a deep crimson in color, with black creases in the grooves where it appears to have been carved. The handle and pommel are carved in the figure of a beautiful, nude woman with her knees slightly bent and turned aside and an arm across her breasts. The look on her face is one of mischief, however, not shyness or modesty. The blade itself springs out from the woman’s other arm, outstretched in a direct line above her head. It is apparent, upon further inspection, that the “woman” depicted is, in fact, a succubus, and that the blade is comprised of her wings. As the puzzle became more “solved”, so too did the figure that make up the knife become more brazen, to the point that the pieces that make up the statuette reconfigured to one of shocking exhibitionism.


This dagger was recovered from Tegan Kellani, aka the “Sasserine Gut-Tugger”, when the party apprehended her during her serial killing spree. A note found on Tegan’s possession indicates that the knife was given to her shortly before her rampage by an unknown individual who bid her use the knife to aid in taking her vengeance upon the party. While ultimately unsuccessful, the knife and the note are now in possession of the group who apprehended her, and wielded by Dorian.

By far the most eager to unravel the mystery of his apparently hell-born tool, Dorian went to incredible lengths to try and unravel the mysteries of his blade, up to and including subjecting it to all manner of perversions in the hopes it would somehow please or rouse its figurehead. While he had varying degrees of luck with his many attempts, the true nature of the blade eluded his grasp. Desperate, he, along with Othar, attempted to cast a legend lore on the blade. The knowledge revealed was very unsettling: the knife had no history, no past. In spite of being found in the hands of Tegan Kellani, the blade was made specifically for Dorian, and Dorian alone. But by whom?

When Dorian at last arrived in the Abyss via the wakeportal, his arrival did not go unnoticed by the knife itself, who seemed almost as if to speak to him. It said “Finally.”

After reaching Shendilavri, Dorian learned the horrible truth behind this potent weapon: Malcanthet, Demon Queen of the Succubi had crafted the weapon over untold years “from the blood and flesh of six hundred and sixty-six succubi”, made from Abyssal clay and sharpened on Demogorgon’s own teeth. All of this served as a prison to the most potent part of the weapon’s power: Jezebel, Malcanthet’s daughter, who volunteered to have her essence transformed into the life of the blade.

Hungry and lustful, Jezebel, the Ecstasy Configuration is full of desire, and rewards those who sate their lusts. In order to arrive in Dorian’s hands, the knife was first given to Tegan Kellani by Tyralandi, revealed to be the daughter of Malcanthet and the father of Moxie, with the instructions to achieve vengeance for her family, a plot that would run her directly afoul of the Gang of Five and Dorian, who eventually claimed the blade, just as its creator planned.


  • +5 enchantment bonus
  • keen enchantment
  • ceramic material replicates adamantine for durability and purposes of overcoming DR
  • suggestion 1/day, standard action user must frame the suggestion in terms of a lurid come-on
  • vampiric touch 3/day, swift action, applies to all damage done for single strike
  • profane bonus to AC equal to CHA mod
  • fire immunity
  • +2 profane bonus to Charisma
  • deadly precision enchantment
  • base 1d8 damage
  • trap the soul 1/time (DC 30). creatures trapped in the blade may be the subject of a spelltheif’s steal abilities as though willing

With Demogoron defeated and Malcanthet having stolen the crown of Princess of Demons, the knife was, perforce, returned to Malcanthet, who claimed that they were only being “loaned” to the party to enable them to perform the task set out before them. With the knowledge that they would not be able to return to the Prime if they did not relinquish the weapons, Dorian flung the blade back to its owner.

The Ecstasy Configuration, Jezebel

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