the Sea Wyvern

former Crimson Fleet vessel now owned by the party


The Sea Wyvern is a three-deck, three-masted caravel recovered as salvage from the Crimson Fleet at Kraken’s Cove. Now the legal property of the “Gang of Five” party members, it is a stalwart vessel with ample room for cargo and passengers. A larger, more detailed schematic can be seen here.

Before leaving for the Abyss, the vessel was outfitted with a number of ballistae and cannons, a ram prow, armor plating for the hull, a larger rudder, and magically-treated silk sails. Her figurehead shows a massive wyvern rearing up for a strike.


This magnificent, battle-scarred vessel was one of several ships moored at Kraken’s Cove, but was the only one to escape the fires started by Vanthus Vanderboren when he made his treacherous move. While initially left behind as rightful property of the Crimson Fleet and because it would have been impossible to crew back to Sasserine with their limited numbers and sailing skill, the party returned some weeks later to see if the ship remained abandoned, finding it right where it had been left. With the caves at Kraken’s Cove either abandoned or cleared out for later habitation by the Crimson Fleet, the Sea Wyvern was legally considered abandoned and could therefore be taken as salvage.

With an adequate crew up to the task and Lienne Tiel helming the vessel, the boat was returned to Sasserine and, after some paperwork, listed in the party’s name. The vessel still bears marks of old battles and it’s name remains proudly unchanged, but the Sea Wyvern is now the property of the group. In spite of becoming trapped at Journey’s End, being tossed in storms, running aground on its approach to the Isle and needing to be subsequently liberated from a kopru squatter, and nearly being destroyed by Kedward Bone in Scuttlecove, the ship remains as stalwart as ever, and with the upgrades made since arriving in Farshore, it now serves as a worthy and proud vessel for the heroes’ trip through the Abyss and beyond, as with the defeat of the Prince of Demons, the Sea Wyvern returned to the oceans of the Prime victorious, and in short time the flagship of a small armada under the admiralship of Traxen Cadrel and the rest of the Gang of Five.

the Sea Wyvern

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